Apple's Design Chief Talks Apple Watch Development

ABC News' David Muir's exclusive interview with Apple senior vice president of design, Jony Ive.
2:02 | 09/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple's Design Chief Talks Apple Watch Development
I'm very proud of the work. For the team has done nothing to them. I think the -- and and it's been it looks I think it is his -- -- would get this is a team. Let's work together slow assistance continues. The -- people saying you have led the charge when it comes to making this watch something that people want to Wear. I'm not -- -- -- sense -- -- pulses the design team for a long time. And we've always tried to make products that. That people. Don't -- community views them that they wants him. And I think that the the bomb. Full that he's affair behind it when there's something you -- and isn't even aware all day every day. And so we've works extremely hard to make it an object that would be. One he would be desirable but it would also -- -- because we -- want to witness it hurts the same look how many different versions of apple watch are there. But soon we will lead but we've until it was and when you when you actually do the calculations. It's millions and -- millions millions. Because it wristwatch is that the face. What is striking you can change -- -- -- different materials that it took place didn't. Just two different sizes. You can choose one votes six to entrance opens. But but the way that we treated this from the design -- he views wasn't that you -- -- And and so square. On experiences customers as users is that the same that one in the -- He into the and so so we also designed in terms of -- -- -- the user interface. -- people multiple choices in terms of just bring someone just what faces. How do you design something that people are going to use before they're even using it. It's and that's one of the reasons it -- -- a long time and big business I think. I think people. Wrong. -- very discerning. A loss of people don't Wear what took them.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"ABC News' David Muir's exclusive interview with Apple senior vice president of design, Jony Ive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"25392332","title":"Apple's Design Chief Talks Apple Watch Development","url":"/WNT/video/apples-design-chief-talks-apple-watch-development-25392332"}