Baby Gorilla Searches for a New Home

Baby Kamina was rejected by her mother at the zoo.
2:04 | 12/29/14

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Transcript for Baby Gorilla Searches for a New Home
And finally tonight, the little gorilla still searching for a loving family after she just didn't click with a gorilla clan at one zoo. When you see her little face, you have to ask yourself what were the gorillas thinking? Matt Gutman with the story tonight. Reporter: It was three months of baby gorilla boot camp. A team of 17 hairy vested trainers, gorillafying kamina, rejected by her birth mother. Teaching her how to do tummy time, stretch, eat and even talk, like a gorilla. All to prepare for adoption by a real gorilla surrogate at the Cincinnati zoo. For all the gorillification their anatomies so similar, sharing 98% of our human genes, the reflex test on the foot. The recoil from a cold stethoscope. It's the big reason vets wear those gorilla vests, so apes like kamina don't become habituated to people. Even she she was rejected last week by two surrogates, it has worked in the past. Last week, we met a ten pound success story named Gladys. She was rejected by her mother. So for 12 weeks in 2013, trainers transformed into hirsute apes to hand raise her. We were there learning to speak gorilla. Now make a little gorilla vocalization too. There you go. Reporter: A job just about an as glamorous as raising human babies. And she's peeing on your leg. Reporter: She just Peed on me. Then introduce her to a surrogate named Lindsay. Proving a happy ending is still possible. Starting soon, kamina will look for love up the road at the Columbus zoo. In the meantime, her human cousins offering cuddles, a warm bottle and of course furry vest. Matt Gutman, ABC news, Miami. Matt makes a good gorilla. I'm Tom llamas in New York. Gma first thing in the morning. Have a great evening.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Baby Kamina was rejected by her mother at the zoo. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27869138","title":"Baby Gorilla Searches for a New Home ","url":"/WNT/video/baby-gorilla-searches-home-27869138"}