Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Leaves 112 Dead

Lack of fire exits cause major death toll after fire Saturday evening.
2:28 | 11/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Leaves 112 Dead
Scene of horror at a clothing factory that went up in flames workers trapped inside. The factories in Bangladesh but the clothes they make are for international companies some of those companies American allegedly included Wal-Mart. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has been tracking these overseas factories and their safety violations. And has already begun to ask questions tonight. The fire broke out at night. As hundreds of garment workers were on overtime shifts producing close bound for some major American retailers including Wal-Mart according to workers' rights groups. Officials in Bangladesh said the flames spread rapidly on the ground floor trapping those on higher floors of the seven story building. There were no exterior fire escapes according to officials and many died after jumping from upper floors to escape the fire. As -- continued to remove bodies today officials said at least 112 people had died but that the number of fatalities could go higher. In all lands to the shameful record. As previously reported by ABC news of more than 600 garment factory fire deaths in Bangladesh over the last five years. -- place of the cheapest labor in the world. And some of the most deplorable conditions. The industry apparel brands in the US have been warned again and again about the extreme dangers to repair workers in Bangladesh. And yet they have not taken action. Workers activists went into the burned out remains today the document which major retailers they say were using the -- -- factory. They say they found labels for faded glory Wal-Mart private label along with labels they say tracked back to cedars. And the clothing company owned by Sean Combs there's no. Question at Wal-Mart and the other customers at this factory there are some of the blame for what happened in this fire yet without doubt is that really fair they're so far away they know exactly what's going on -- facilities they have staff on site in Bangladesh. Wal-Mart actually warned of dangerous conditions at the -- -- factory last year. In a letter posted on the website of the factory owner quote the factory had violations and or conditions which were deemed to be high risk. Tonight a spokesman for Wal-Mart tells ABC news the company has not been able to confirm whether it's closing what was being produced at the factory at the time of the fire. We haven't heard back yet from -- and Sean Combs to other companies that labor activist said we're using the factory that turned into a death. Warning of images just like these for some time -- -- you keep asking these questions thank you.

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{"id":17807069,"title":"Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Leaves 112 Dead","duration":"2:28","description":"Lack of fire exits cause major death toll after fire Saturday evening.","url":"/WNT/video/bangladesh-garment-factory-fire-leaves-112-dead-17807069","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}