Battle of the Bite: Tricks to Tackling Mosquito Season

How to come out on top in the summer battle against bug bites.
2:25 | 07/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Battle of the Bite: Tricks to Tackling Mosquito Season
The height of mosquito season is here and we continue on "world news" to look for ways to save your family some money. We spent so much on the candles and zappers, but it turns out there might be something you already have that works. Abc's linzie janis with us and we can't wait for this. Reporter: David, we're out here primetime for mosque eat os. Sun is setting, worse month of the year for bites. For all the money we spend trying to keep them away, turns out some of the best methods are also the cheapest. Everyone has their own method. We have a lot of mosque eat Reporter: Zappers, home-made traps. Witches brews of oil and alcohol. Even this woman putting scented dryer sheets in her hair. I'm getting ready to go outside. Reporter: A dizzy array. Enter randy gaug ler. It turns out mosquitoes can smell you and yes it's true, some people are more attractive than others. If you're pregnant, you're giving aup 21% more carbon dioxide. New evidence showing that drinking beer makes you more attractive. Reporter: Yes, beer. There's also the delicious theory that it can could be your blood type. What are the best weapons to avoid getting bitten? Bug spray. We tried it. This is my hand unprotected versus this, my hand sprayed with deet. And be sure to cover your legs and especially your ankles. Some mosque eat os are low flyers. And what about those candles. Citroenela? The effect is short term and if you have a breeds it's blowing away from you and won't be very effective. Reporter: Finally, instead of bug zappers and ultra sonic devices, you might already have a more simple weapon in your house, a fan. Turn it up, sit in the path, it works. Mosquitoes aren't strong flyers. So another way to protect your backyard, make sure you don't have any standing water. Stay on top of your gutters, empty things like children's pools or bird baths. One more thing, david, when you outside, avoid wearing dark colors because mosque eat os see them the best. I'm still stuck on the beer and your blood type. I always wondered why they came after me and not everyone else.

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{"id":19788053,"title":"Battle of the Bite: Tricks to Tackling Mosquito Season","duration":"2:25","description":"How to come out on top in the summer battle against bug bites.","url":"/WNT/video/battle-bite-tricks-tackling-mosquito-season-19788053","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}