The battle with President Trump's Supreme court pick

Republicans, for the most part, are giving rave reviews about Judge Brett Kavanaugh, meanwhile Democrats are gearing up for a battle.
3:15 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for The battle with President Trump's Supreme court pick
Gingezee, thank you. President trump's nee,renaugh, arriving at the senate Y. His views on abortion, and what he S about criminal investigatioolving a sittrent will also B unr the microscope. Do the democrats have the math to do anything AUT this nominee? Here's Jonathan Karl tonight.ter: Presint trump congratulated himself day on a supreme court pick he its wietrt across the board. Brett Kavanaugh has gotten rave reviews,ave reviews. Actually, froth sides. Reporter: On capitol hill, judge Kavanaugh set out to win over T te. We're going to have a thgh pr hopefully it efficient. We get it done quickly. Rave reviews. Ot only would you want him to be a judge, if you're a reasonabpe I think you'd alike him to be your neighbor. Reporte with Republicans clinging to a sin vote majority in the senate, crats are gearing up for an epic battle. 'M going to fight th nomination with everything I've got. Reporter: And ne looms larger tabortion. There's every reason to believe he would overturn roe. As his nomination was announced, talking about the importance O precedent, respecting past court deons. A judge must interpret the constitution as wr ined by history and tradition precedent. To be many secrets he has massive public record, his 12 years as a bush white house ands a key lieutenant of independent counselennethr during the investigation of bilclinton. Years later, he questioned the merits of ITI president, writing, ote, the indictment and trial of a sitting president would cripple theeral goverent, rendering it unable to function wicredibility. Democrats are pouncing on that. No investigation of a president. Is it any wonder thaesident trpicked Kavanaugh He He chose the one personhat has written that he should hav immunity fay investigation. Justice Kavanaugh will be the swing vote in ding whether he can pardon hi getut of jail free . All right, Jon K with us live again tonight from the whhouse. And Jon, as you reported right there, Brett Kavanaugh, an chitect of the Starr report.thof course, the investigation intoclinton was impeached. But on the other hand, he als wrote in 2009 THA quote, the indictment and trial of a ING president W cripple the federal rnment, rendings it unable toction with credibility. A lot of Democrats seizing O those words because of the rrent Mueller inigation. Rter: Democrare alreadyting that hard, dad. Although many of them would have agreed with Kavanaugh back when he wrote at in 2009. The vice president was just asked a lit while ago whether or not kavanaug V ont had anything to do with the president's decision to nominate him. Vice president pence said, quote, I don'tieve it did. Rl, thank you. President trump isn Europe

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Republicans, for the most part, are giving rave reviews about Judge Brett Kavanaugh, meanwhile Democrats are gearing up for a battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56496278","title":"The battle with President Trump's Supreme court pick","url":"/WNT/video/battle-president-trumps-supreme-court-pick-56496278"}