New Bear Attacks Raise Wilderness Safety Concerns

Six people mauled in two days, young girl barely escaped with life.
2:24 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for New Bear Attacks Raise Wilderness Safety Concerns
Now to the string of bear attacks tonight. Nearly half a dozen attacks in the last 48 hours. Several people injured. Among them a little girl. The first attack in yellowstone national park. In wyoming. Another one, 70 miles in idaho. Then word of a young girl in michigan and then in colorado. Just tonight, word of a rescue in alaska. A mauling in the middle of the night. They wore night-vision goggles to find the victim and save him. Bears are now preparing for hibernation. Here's abc's linzie janis tonight. Reporter: This 12-year-old was going for a jog, training for her favorite sport when she came across a bear. And she had seen a bear out of the corner of her eye. Reporter: Her grandfather said she started to run faster but the black bear like this one chased her. She started running again and he came up behind her again and knocked her down. Reporter: At one point, abigail tried to play dead but then she did the best thing she could do -- she screamed. One of the neighbors heard abby screaming. The neighbor hollered for my son who lives next door and they both went running back into the woods. The bear was already gone. Reporter: The dedicated soccer player was airlifted to a hospital in northern michigan where she underwent surgery. There's been a spate of bear attacks across the country in recent days. On friday, a camper was attacked in her tent in colorado. On thursday, grizzly attacks, two hikers were mauled in yellow stone national park and in idaho, two park workers were hospitalized. Bears are out looking for food ahead of hibernation. Police say that everyone should know a few basic rules. One of the biggest misses is to play dead. Because bears actually eat dead animals. Reporter: Tonight, rescue crews with those night-vision goggles saving a hunter in alaska. Luckily he was with a hunter who had a medical background and helped saved his life. Linzie, the spray you showed us last night you brought a bottle tonight. It cost $50. But it could save your life. We're going to move overseas

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Six people mauled in two days, young girl barely escaped with life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19991757","title":"New Bear Attacks Raise Wilderness Safety Concerns","url":"/WNT/video/bear-attacks-raise-wilderness-safety-concerns-19991757"}