Bergdahl's Lawyer Says Fmr Taliban Captive 'Deeply Grateful' to Obama

Eugene Fidell tells ABC News Bergdahl believes the President "saved his life."
1:57 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bergdahl's Lawyer Says Fmr Taliban Captive 'Deeply Grateful' to Obama
that American P.O.W., sergeant Bowe bergdahl with a new message for the president tonight. You'll remember those moments as he was released by the Taliban captor, the U.S. Forces patting him down, loading him onto that chopper six weeks ago. Tonight he's reaching out through his lawyer with words for the president and the American people. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. Reporter: Today for the first time sergeant bergdahl offered his public gratitude to president Obama for being rescued from the Taliban in that dramatic prison swap six weeks ago, the message delivered by his newly hired lawyer, Eugene fid el. Sergeant bergdahl is deeply grateful to president Obama. He believes that president Obama saved his life, and I think that's true. Reporter: As the military investigation begins now into now bergdahl became a Taliban prisoner in the first place, bergdahl's lawyer says when the full story of what happened comes out, critics will be much more hesitant to call him a deserter. It's really unimaginable to spend five years in the hands of people who, as far as we can tell, were willing to kill him brutally at a moment's notice. Reporter: The lawyer would not comment on bergdahl's continued decision not to speak with his parents, who have told friends they have tried without success to reach him. The lawyer said bergdahl is eager to leave the military, but officials have put his status on hold while the investigation continues. What I'm hoping is that sergeant bergdahl, in recognition of the ordeal that he has experienced, will be permitted to go his way, I hope with the benefits that veterans are entitled to. Reporter: The next step will be known in about a month when the two-star general conducting the investigation can recommend nothing be done, he be reprimanded, or face a possible court-martial. Brian, thank you. We're going to turn now to the severe weather hitting

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Eugene Fidell tells ABC News Bergdahl believes the President \"saved his life.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24592428","title":"Bergdahl's Lawyer Says Fmr Taliban Captive 'Deeply Grateful' to Obama","url":"/WNT/video/bergdahls-lawyer-fmr-taliban-captive-deeply-grateful-obama-24592428"}