Billionaire Donald Trump Throws Political Punch at 2016 Race

Trump says he would spend "whatever it took" to secure presidential vote.
3:00 | 08/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billionaire Donald Trump Throws Political Punch at 2016 Race
Last night here we reported -- that group gathering in Iowa calling their forum madam president there was little question who was on their mind Hillary Clinton in 2016 they hope. Well there were also several Republican tonight what three years out for the next election one of them with a warning. About what it will be like to face off against mrs. Clinton ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is in two point tonight force John. David out here in Iowa looks like it's 4016 presidential candidate is already well under way. Donald Trump is out here once again hinting that he may run for president and insisting this time he is to be taken seriously I sat down with him. Not surprisingly yet some controversial things to say. You know Hillary Clinton I do. How tough is she going to be it'd be -- -- the democratic and I think should be very tough I know very well. She will be very formidable there's no question about it and -- I just said in front of a nice large crowd of people in Iowa. You gotta get your act together Republicans because it's going to be tough to. If you were to run for president how much would you be willing to spend. The campaign will -- made -- decision had spent a lot Romney was like what 200 million dollars that was worth 200 million dollars as a big difference between. Ten billion in 200 me. As watching him he was actually very conservative about spending his own money which actually surprised but a modern presidential campaign can be you know half a billion dollar -- get a little more. Yeah I know I'd be willing to spend back and I wanted it. I'd spend whatever it took one that -- differences and if you do what you have to do it right. Believe it or not trump is still raising questions about president Obama's birth certificate. The kind of thing that makes people question whether he can ever be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

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{"id":19931565,"title":"Billionaire Donald Trump Throws Political Punch at 2016 Race","duration":"3:00","description":"Trump says he would spend \"whatever it took\" to secure presidential vote.","url":"/WNT/video/billionaire-donald-trump-throws-political-punch-2016-race-19931565","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}