Black Friday deals available 1 week early

Retailers like Walmart and Amazon are competing for your holiday dollar.
1:26 | 11/17/17

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Transcript for Black Friday deals available 1 week early
Next tonight here your money. Black Friday usually the day after Thanksgiving is here tonight. And so is Rebecca Jarvis. Tonight a week before black Friday and already the deals out in full force. Amazon delivering new discounts every five minutes -- we spotted this Samsung 55-inch 4k TV, $300 off -- and these Bose head phones, $120 off -- plus perks for prime members like special coupons and free two day shipping and a 30-day trial membership is free. Already fierce competition for your holiday dollar from best Buy. Where this printer is $110 off. To Walmart. Even lower prices. This kitchen aid mixer is $199. More than $160 off. To help you sort through it all. Apps are definitely your friend. Now is not the time to be afraid of technology. With apps like Flipp which let you can compare prices on all those store flyers. And camel camel camel which will track those pop up sales at Amazon and alert you when the price drops. It's estimated there were 32,000 fake mobile apps that can steal your personal information and to be safe stick to apps in the Google play and apple store. Be weary of anything asking for access to your passwords and your credit card. Google play and apple store. Coming up on "World news

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{"id":51234152,"title":"Black Friday deals available 1 week early","duration":"1:26","description":"Retailers like Walmart and Amazon are competing for your holiday dollar.","url":"/WNT/video/black-friday-deals-week-early-51234152","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}