'Blade Runner' Shocker: Lead Detective Replaced

South African police remove lead investigator, faces own attempted murder charges.
1:51 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Blade Runner' Shocker: Lead Detective Replaced
new and strange twist tonight in the case against olympic hero oscar pistorius, charged with murder. Tonight, the case is turning upside down and abc's bazi kanani has the latest. Reporter: Tonight, a radical reversal. The eyes of judgment turned from olympian oscar pistorius to one of the people accusing him -- chief investigator hilton botha. Botha had been the prosecution's key witness, his testimony the most likely to keep pistorius in jail. But today, embarrassed prosecutors said they didn't know the detective was being investigated for seven counts of attempted murder, opening fire on a passenger mini-bus last year. Surely they should have been prepared. Reporter: Legal analysts say the bail hearing has suddenly turned in favor of the blade runner, a champion who made millions for his inspiring accomplishments. I never really encountered anything that I can't do. Reporter: But since the valentine's day shooting, he has not been able to keep his sponsors by his side. Nike today becoming one of the latest companies to suspend his contract. Meanwhile, friends of reeva and oscar are trying to make sense of it all. We have faith in the fact that the truth will come out. Reporter: Reeva's roommate told abc news she hasn't been able to change a thing in her friend's room. She said reeva planned to give a talk to high school girls about abusive relationships. As far as she knew, the couple was happy. I thought I saw her have so many moments where I don't believe it's true. Reporter: Kevin lerena can't imagine pistorius the violent man prosecutors allege. So, you've lost two friends. You know, it's a big shock. Ne is gone, and one's in a whole lot of trouble. Reporter: Bazi kanani, abc news, pretoria, south africa.

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{"id":18561803,"title":"'Blade Runner' Shocker: Lead Detective Replaced","duration":"1:51","description":"South African police remove lead investigator, faces own attempted murder charges.","url":"/WNT/video/blade-runner-shocker-lead-detective-replaced-18561803","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}