Blizzard Watch Across the Northwest

Damaging winds and blinding snow create dangerous driving conditions across several states.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Transcript for Blizzard Watch Across the Northwest
-- blizzard delivering yet another new round of fierce wind and heavy snow across several states at this hour and the storm of the northwest as well look at this the scene from Indiana tonight. Stretching all the way to New England so much snow already on the ground in Albany, New York digging out. And this woman in Pennsylvania tonight -- her rooftops so many families across this country concerned about the weight but -- -- ABC's deal but he is along I 95 tonight headed toward Boston where this -- storm is hitting GO. David good evening we are stuck in gridlock traffic we've already seen several accidents here on the road and we're trying to get four Massachusetts hotel as soon as we can. Because the governor there has asked everyone to stay off the road it's just too dangerous. Tonight Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick without warning under these conditions. It really isn't possible for us to keep the roads clear and safe -- in the -- snowfall. So we are asking people to stay off the roads snow falling today on the Pennsylvania turnpike just 24 hours. After this 100 car pile -- Lindsay Janice talk to drivers who were caught in the middle of the role. -- -- and the sun is blinding. And I miss the -- friendly by that much looked to my right. And I see that car -- of four or five other cars that. Stretch of turnpike finally cleared last night after eight hours of misery but slick icy roads are still problems. In Indianapolis were fresh snow caused dozens of car wrecks and white out conditions move in tonight in New England. Officials are hoping to avoid scenes like this one in Vermont. And back here in Massachusetts the snowfall is getting heavier and heavier up to ten inches expected overnight David. Do you -- he is reporting in from -- -- tonight GO banks that want to bring in meteorologist Mike -- in the weather center Boston's news leader there ABC station WCVB and Mike I know you're all the middle of this right now doing a live updates all -- but. Where is the system -- were on the air. Powerful storm system David it's moving its way up along the East Coast and as it gets over the ocean it gathers more strength we called a nor'easter here strong northeasterly winds. You'll rush its way through Boston tonight and then move towards northern New England as we head for tomorrow. Snowfall accumulations very impressive a -- in some spots. Added to that some incredible wins 405060. Barr wins it's not a question there could be hurricane strength winds. Along with a foot of snow on the ground and -- to northern -- -- they could see twenty inches of snow. With that strong win dangerous night ahead of we can't forget the west tonight they're also getting pounded as well. -- -- one calls to the other coast we're talking about a similar system this one is producing some very heavy rains in the low lying areas we're going to be seen anywhere between three and six inches of rain. Isolated areas around Seattle could get eight inches of rain. A -- move to the mountains and we're talking about three feet of snow into the cascades and Mike before we let go tonight big picture here -- start to melt when -- we actually warm up in this country. We're going to actually get a pattern change we head towards the middle of the week that's could allow warm air to come surging -- here. The only problem with this though is that we may -- melting -- -- a little too fast and we could have some flooding issues it would be concerned about as we head towards next weekend.

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{"id":22536453,"title":"Blizzard Watch Across the Northwest","duration":"3:00","description":"Damaging winds and blinding snow create dangerous driving conditions across several states.","url":"/WNT/video/blizzard-watch-northwest-22536453","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}