Butterball Turkey Hotline Rescues Bird Disasters

Experts share some of their most unusual Thanksgiving phone calls.
2:01 | 11/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Butterball Turkey Hotline Rescues Bird Disasters
Thanksgiving dinner can be one of the most daunting males of the entire year, particularly for those of us who may be out of practice in the kitchen. For more than 30 years, however, help has been just a phone call away. Tonight, we go into the nerve center of the butterball Turkey hot line, as the experts share some of their most unusual calls. Here's ABC's linsey Davis. Reporter: Take it from "National lampoon's" griswolds -- the tryptophan can trip you up. From grandpa's grilling -- It's just the foil that's on fire. Reporter: To this dad's Turkey trauma. Daddy, the Turkey is ready. Reporter: Thanksgiving is known to turn people who consider themselves time-tested Turkey experts into birdbrains. You're burning the house! Reporter: Turkeys gobbled up in flames. Carcasses cooked to a crisp. These classic mishaps explain why today inside this building in Naperville, Illinois, the enrve center of butterball is buzzing. Butterball Turkey talk line. How can I help you? Reporter: There are more than 50 experts to take you around their wing. Put a drip pan under the great. Reporter: Questions range from the mundane -- to "Can I brine my Turkey in the washing machine?" And "The family dog is inside the Turkey and can't get out." Just today, the hotline received 12,000 calls. And I was one of them. My mom says you should cook the Turkey upside down. Is there any truth to that? We don't recommend that. Reporter: Really? It's going to be wobbly and hard to take it out of the oven like that. Reporter: For those who want a Turkey looking like it was fresh out of the oven of a Norman Rockwell painting, the butterball hotline is open, eager to help those who tend to foul things up. The hotline first opened in 1981 with just six people answering the phones. More than 100,000 calls. Great tips. But I love mom's Turkey cooked upside down. It is always best. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Experts share some of their most unusual Thanksgiving phone calls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27226236","title":"Butterball Turkey Hotline Rescues Bird Disasters","url":"/WNT/video/butterball-turkey-hotline-rescues-bird-disasters-27226236"}