California notes power failure concerns amid heat wave

The governor issued a state of emergency in 50 of 58 counties and asked residents to cut water usage.
2:58 | 07/10/21

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Transcript for California notes power failure concerns amid heat wave
Across much of this country, the dangerous heat moving in. Troubling lake levels already. Let's get to senior meteorologist rob Marciano tonight with the latest track. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. The sun broke out here in the afternoon in Rhode Island, but the surf is still quite high. Already Elsa is over 100 miles east of Boston. The rest of the map is a mess. More severe weather heading through D.C., down I-10 from St. Louis to Nebraska. The heat's going to be the big story through the weekend. Look at all these heat warnings. Dangerous heat wave across part of the west. Threatening all-time record Las Vegas, peeking in Salt Lake City Sunday and Monday. Another dangerous heat wave in the U.S. They just went through this weeks ago. As rob mentioned really concerning temperatures. You're about to see why. We just had the hottest June on record and the west is looking at its third heat wave in weeks. California concerned about the strain on the power grid. Residents being told to cut down on water and this evening, the images of the dangerously low lake levels already. Here's Matt Gutman. Reporter: Tonight, that heat wave has California -- the governor declaring a state of emergency in 50 of 58 counties asking people to cut water use by 15%. Not only on residences, but industrial and commercial and Reporter: 95% of California designated as a severe drought, last year at this time, it was 21%. In tulare county wells running dry. From those taps, little or no running water. You can't cool down, you can't take a proper shower, nothing. Reporter: Across the west lake Powell, lake mead and Folsom lake at record lows. Lake piru is considered one of the best preserved Lakes, but it's only at 20% capacity. And this is one of the main reservoirs here in Ventura county that we rely on - to do much of the of the work downstream. Reporter: Fueling fires, this one roaring north of Sacramento forcing new evacuations today. So far this year wildfires burning more than twice the acreage of last year's record fire season. And this drought, David, is playing a critical role in wildfire fighting as well. Lakes and reservoirs in this area, many of them have dried up completely. Like piru is at less than a fifth of its typical surface area. The water used to lap up where those trees are behind me. That means aircraft -- Signs say this is all evidence of climate change. We're seeing it in more Lakes across the country. The dangerous heat wave moving in yet again. In the meantime tonight to

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The governor issued a state of emergency in 50 of 58 counties and asked residents to cut water usage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"78763473","title":"California notes power failure concerns amid heat wave","url":"/WNT/video/california-notes-power-failure-concerns-amid-heat-wave-78763473"}