Cardinal Wilfrid Napier on the Papal Conclave

South African cardinal on past elections and the possibility of an American pope.
1:41 | 03/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cardinal Wilfrid Napier on the Papal Conclave
One of the men in the sistine chapel voting will be cardinal napeier from south africa. Today I asked the cardinal about the true possibility of an american pope, and also what it's really like inside that room. We always talk about the fact that it's beneath michael angelo. Is there one part of that painting that you always focus on when you're sitting there? Indeed. I was sitting on the right on friday as you look up to that painting where the devils are pulling people down into hell. That's what I keep in my mind. If I'm voting for the wrong person -- so here we are the night before you move into the dormitory. Is there something that you do the night before when you're packing your things to take there? I have to remember what not to leave behind. It's one of main ones. The rooms are modest rooms. Some of them are quite nice. When you go in, they break a seal to make sure no one's tampered with it. The windows are also sealed? The shutters on the windows are sealed, so that no interference from outside or no signaling from inside to the outside can be done. This is just a mischievous question. Which is more likely, an american pope or an african pope? I don't think either. Was that the weightiest moment, the moment when you submit the name. This is the most solemn moment for me I call on the lord jesus to be my judge to witness that I am voting for the one they consider to be worthy. So that for me is the most solemn moment.

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{"id":18705790,"title":"Cardinal Wilfrid Napier on the Papal Conclave","duration":"1:41","description":"South African cardinal on past elections and the possibility of an American pope.","url":"/WNT/video/cardinal-wilfrid-napier-papal-conclave-18705790","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}