Casualties mount as Turkey completes 2nd day of air strikes on Syria

President Trump responded to the attacks by saying, “Let the Kurds fight their own battles.”
2:55 | 10/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Casualties mount as Turkey completes 2nd day of air strikes on Syria
Next this evening, the death toll mounting in Turkey's military assault on America's kurdish allies inside Syria. The kurds, of course, helped the U.S. Fight ISIS and then they helped secure those ISIS fighters. Well tonight, Turkey releasing images of their jets taking off for air strikes. The kurds with their own images of what they say is the destruction in Syria where they live. And, of course, caught in the middle, civilians now fleeing for their lives. Late today, president trump was pressed on what the U.S. Should do, knowing the president talked to the president of Turkey right before all this happened. ABC's Ian Pannell from the region again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, Turkey's army pounding kurdish targets in northern Syria. The u.s.-backed allies who lost 11,000 soldiers in the war against ISIS are now fighting for their lives and homes, facing attack from the air and on the ground. Turkish-backed militias seen barreling their way into Syrian villages. At least 23 kurdish fighters killed and now reports children on both sides of the border among the dead. But the Turkish president, defiant, tonight, warning Europe that if it calls this an invasion, he'll open his boarders and send 3.6 million refugees their way. Already tens of thousands are on the move. We met najat suleiman and her family. She says they fled after seeing civilians and children targeted in the strikes. She asks us, "Why did the Americans flee?" Her 11-year-old son, mustafa, lost his voice after hours of screaming in fear. With a strained voice, he tells us he was afraid for his life. This is just the second day of bombing and already you're just seeing people by the side of the road. They were in a van, they've got no belongings with them. They've got nowhere to go. They've got nowhere stay. We watched them clamber into the back of a passing truck and head off. With nowhere else to go, they say they'll sleep in the desert. After this assault was launched, the president called it a bad idea. But that came just days after the white house announced the Turks were moving in and U.S. Forces were moving out of the area. The president pressed again late today. I hope we can mediate, John. I hope we can mediate. Would you support sanctions? I don't think we want to go back in. Let's see what happens. We are going to possibly do something very, very tough with respect to sanctions and other financial things. Reporter: The U.S. Now moving a number of high value ISIS detainees out of the country, including two of the so-called beatles, who were responsible for the execution of more than two dozen western captives. Now local officials are warning that the fighting here means an increased risk of a mass ISIS breakout. David? Ian Pannell live from the region again tonight. Ian, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"President Trump responded to the attacks by saying, “Let the Kurds fight their own battles.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66196362","title":"Casualties mount as Turkey completes 2nd day of air strikes on Syria","url":"/WNT/video/casualties-mount-turkey-completes-2nd-day-air-strikes-66196362"}