Ceremony honors life of Prince Philip

The prince’s casket, at his personal request, arrived atop a specifically designed Land Rover.
4:11 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for Ceremony honors life of Prince Philip
We begin with a poignant good-bye for prince Philip. The ceremony sparse by British royal standards, a symbol of the impact of the coronavirus at this time. The prince's casket arriving atop a specially dedined land rover, his wish. His naval cap, the sword given to him by the queen's father, George VI, resting with flowers chosen by the queen. Princes Harry and William reuniting. Harry traveling from the states for the funeral. The brothers walking behind the casket, you see there. Supporting their grandmother. The queen and prince Philip, married 73 years. Due to covid protocols, the 93-year-old monarch sitting alone during the service at St. George's chapel. The images from today a reminder to so many here and around the globe of their own loss and grief wrought by the pandemic. ABC's James Longman leads us off from Windsor. Reporter: It was where they fell in love a lifetime ago, and today a sunlit Windsor was where the queen said goodbye to her prince. The duke of Edinburgh planned every detail of his funeral, and while it was far smaller than it would have been because of the pandemic, the power of the pomp and ceremony was not diminished. In a year marked the world over by loss, millions watched a family mourn a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Prince Philip's military service was honored front and center. On his flag-draped casket, a white naval cap and sword. His no nonsense practicality reflected in the land rover used to carry his coffin, a car he spent nearly 20 years designing. Behind, his four children and grandsons William and Harry, separated by their older cousin Peter Philips but still walking side by side in a moment of unity for their beloved grandfather who stood by them through the worst time in their lives, the death of their mother, princess Diana. and then the queen, a wife in mourning. The state Bentley bringing her directly to the chapel. Theirs was an enduring love story. She fell for the handsome sailor when she was just a girl. Philip, a devoted partner, two paces behind her majesty in public, but in private, the rock that held the family together. She called him her strength and stay through 73 years of marriage. the family walking in slow, somber procession. The queen looking back at her husband's casket before entering the chapel where she would sit alone. The nation pausing for a minute's silence to honor the duke. Naval pipers signaling the moment to enter the chapel. Covid limiting the service to just 30 close family members donning black masks and just four choir singers. In peril on the sea Reporter: The queen bowing her head as the Dean of Windsor remembered her husband. We remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us. Reporter: Royal buglers of the royal Marines sounding a military alert, action stations at the prince's request. And this perhaps the most poignant moment, the national anthem sung for a queen who must now reign alone. God save the queen Reporter: The words have perhaps never had more meaning. A family's private grief in public view. But their duty fulfilled, leaving the chapel together, William, Kate and Harry among them. A family united, heading to comfort their grandmother. Coming together to remember the prince. James Longman joins us now from Windsor tonight. James, this was really such a powerful service, especially in this time of the pandemic. And now everyone really looking to the queen and how she mourns the loss of her husband. Reporter: Yeah, whit, it really was an extraordinary day. Yes, a queen saying good-bye to supporting their grandmother. And we know it's duty first for the queen, so I think we can expect her back at work pretty soon. And just like his funeral today, I think that's exactly what Philip would have wanted. Whit? James, our thanks to you

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"The prince’s casket, at his personal request, arrived atop a specifically designed Land Rover.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77143048","title":"Ceremony honors life of Prince Philip","url":"/WNT/video/ceremony-honors-life-prince-philip-77143048"}