Chasing alleged human smugglers on the South Texas border

A top border security official said agents were facing a "huge challenge" trying to enforce the law.
5:21 | 06/25/18

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Transcript for Chasing alleged human smugglers on the South Texas border
And W begin tonight wit the tcry over what this country ane world has witnessed on the American Bo tonight, president trumph a new message, sen them ck, they don't needo see a judge. And toght, right here, the momee witness, our team on border as two mothersnd their children werellegedly being smuggled into the.s. They arestopped, questioned and yoll see what happens next. The border patrol then chasing theeged smuggler. He G away. And this evening, you're about to hear the nation's top border security official told us about the president's changing posills, and what he ss this country is missing I this his age has tempora stopped handing over mrant parents to prosecutors. Abtom llamas on the border for us tonht. There'smuggler. Repr: On the south Texas border, an allegd human smuggling operation as it happens. Border patrol agent Robert Rodriguez asing an alleg smugglercaping back to mexiacross the Rio grande.that's a smuggler is the smuggright here. Reporter: I ask him if he was paid, but no answer. And agent Rodriguez, you can' go in there? I cannot in the river to apprehend him. Ong as he goes back south, I'm all right. Reporter: How do U know he was a smuggler? Guaranteed he was aggler just be way he was dressed. No shirt, wearinorts. As soon as he saw me, he was on the traihere, he ran over here, jumped in ft and we back south. Reporter: Back uhe clearing, no sign of the migra families. But a qua mile up the road, there they are up close, we can S they're tired, ssweating and confused. Anright there in mother's arms, a ba his name is angel. His mother says she's been traveling for a month, starting in Honduras. I ask her about taking a on the dangerous journey. She br . She tells me gangs threateneo kill her baby.they already killed hisher. So, it's about 10 degrees here in McAllen, texas,ight no we're with these different families who H crossed over and someunaccompanieminors. We concerned about the heat because the Litt baby is only 1 yeold, we were able to give him a bottle of water. Agent Rodriguez tells us tas soon as they get to the processing facility, they'll make sure that theaby is okay.right now he's smiling, seems to be doing okay. I ask agent Rodriguez what Wil happen to th are E families going Tay together? T families are going to stay ther. Repor today, we met wit the commissioner of customs and border protection. What's ibeen like for your agents? I mean, one moment they're ord to separate families, the next they're told to keep themogether. Wh that been like? It's a huge challenge, operationally for our agents. Theyre to do ato protect the border, to enforce E law. Repor we asked T sepang the Chen. What were your ag telling you about separating these kids, these kids are cryight in front of them, and there are children, in some CAS babies. Whid they teou? That's a challenge on law enforcemen you're always going to be taking actithat impact people, that have a human consequence. So, they're mission-focused, and the same time, doing it th heart. Reporter: Why do we have to pukids in cages when theyapprehend them at the border? This is a very tempy hog facility. It's for a matter of hours while we wor transfer families or kids to hhs,lth and human services, or to I.C.E., together. What we have to dois, we have to prote them. Reporter: Can't you Sepe them without putting them in cages? These are little kids. This is the funding we have. It's a safe fality. You actually see what's happening thh the en transparent fencing. Reporter: The comioner telling us he's confidehese families can B reunited. So, it very important at the out that we process them carefully, that we C in their file, I ourctron systems everybody they crossed with, so that if they he a parent, even if it's short period of time during stay in our facility, they can be connected and reunit with their parents. Let bring I Tom llamas, going us live outside the processing facility Callen, texatonight. I want to go back tot the commissi told you, bause so many people have been following this so close he told you there's enough information gathered and these parents and on the children to reunite them? Reporter: That's right, David. The commissioner desibed it as the front end process, and nay be the most important ocess. When families come to a facility like this, they are processed and they gather as much data from the children and parents so when they were separated, than hopefully reunitehem Backe in the United States. Tom, I read the full transcript of your intervi when it came in today. The mmissionersaying, when you as what's the biggest mispercen about all of this, and I wanted our audience to hear what he said. It's about what'spening to these family when they M the cision to try to migrate to thenited states, when they in the handsf mex cartels and smuggling nizations and the dangers of thecrossing. That piece is lost in this current dialogue The commissior wanted to make it clear that there's another partthis story, Tom. Reporter: David, we heard it from the commoner. I heard it from the border patrol agent.and I heard it from the two others who crossedllegally today. They said T no , there's so much danger so much crime, a they knew they were tting the children's lives Inda, yet they were still trying to save them by crossing illegally into the U.S. All right, our chief national affairs correspond tommas leading us off. Tom, we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"A top border security official said agents were facing a \"huge challenge\" trying to enforce the law. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56155567","title":"Chasing alleged human smugglers on the South Texas border","url":"/WNT/video/chasing-alleged-human-smugglers-south-texas-border-56155567"}