Children Killed in Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas Crisis

President Obama weighs in as the two sides agree to five-hour U.N. ceasefire.
2:05 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Children Killed in Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas Crisis
The president talking just a short time ago about the escalating violence in the Middle East after what we saw what our crew witnessed today. These images on the ground in Gaza tonight the relatives of four boys ages nine through eleven all on the beach. When they were hit by Israeli airstrikes tonight Israel calling -- -- tragic outcome and this evening what they're now agreeing to. But it could last only a matter of hours our team was not far away they could hear the blast and raced to the scene ABC's Alex -- court tonight on what they found. Deafening blast an Israeli air strike. Just 100 yards from our hotel housing foreign journalists on the beach a group -- voice we've been playing running away in terror. You can see in this video. Then another strike the boys are here. At this scene we found chaos and here here one man there's the severely. Mangled volley but this morning. Put onto the stretcher by paramedics and four boys were killed two Brothers and two cousins between nine and eleven years old. Their parents and anguish disbelief as tonight they were -- to arrest this afternoon President Obama addressed -- -- Like we've all been heartbroken by the violence. Especially the death and injury of so many an innocent civilians in Gaza. Men women and children were caught in the crossfire. -- com after a truce failed to take hold. Israel insists it takes great precautions to avoid civilian deaths tonight the military said an early investigation shows. Their target of this strike was Hamas terrorist operatives. They called the boys' deaths a tragic outcome. And David tonight Israel's military agreed to a UN sponsored humanitarian cease fire for five hours tomorrow to allow aid into Gaza. But they warned that if Hamas takes advantage -- -- continues firing rockets that they would respond forcefully. -- ABC's Ellis more -- in the region again tonight Alex thank you.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"President Obama weighs in as the two sides agree to five-hour U.N. ceasefire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24592620","title":"Children Killed in Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas Crisis","url":"/WNT/video/children-killed-gaza-amid-israel-hamas-crisis-24592620"}