A Child's Answer to Gun Violence

ABC's Chris Cuomo sits down with children to discuss their ideas for ending shootings.
2:37 | 12/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Child's Answer to Gun Violence
And finally tonight, all week at abc news, we've been searching for solutions to gun violence in america, after the tragedy at sandy hook. And we've been talking every day about how to keep our kids safe. Well, tonight, "20/20" anchor chris cuomo went back to his old elementary school and talked to some children about their ideas on violence. The real monsters in the world are just regular people. Reporter: Fourth and fifth graders take on the tough questions that grip our nation. Why would he do that? When did he get the urge to do it? Why does it help you to know why he did it? It's happened, something made him do it, so you can stop that from happening to another person, making them do it again. Reporter: And listen to what they say about guns. Are guns bad? Not always. Guns can be good or bad depending who's using them. Reporter: Is the answer no guns? No. Not exactly. Reporter: Let's say, I need a gun, sell me a gun, should I be able to get it right then? No. You should limit the amount of bullets that can be in a gun. Reporter: Why do you think this happened -- the gun or the culture of violence? The culture. Reporter: Hard to change culture, isn't it? But as far violent movies, video games, and music, they say the problem is the user. Who plays video games? Now when you see those things, does it make you want to do those things to regular people? Oh, no. It's just a game. Reporter: And you don't believe that the game changes your mind? I don't think the game is the problem. I think the person who's playing the game is the problem. Reporter: And the controversial idea of armed guards in every school, for these kids, not so controversial. They could maybe hire people to walk around and watch what's going on. Reporter: Armed guards? Yes, it would actually make me feel safe. Reporter: And if that doesn't work, george may have the best solution of all. A time machine! Time machine? Go back in time and try to stop what happened. Then you would like a shield, a strong one that could deflect bullets. Reporter: These kids minds were filled with fantastic ideas, but also a solemn player. This should never have happened, and that our life is irreplaceable. Reporter: Chris cuomo, abc news, queens, new york city.

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{"id":18041003,"title":"A Child's Answer to Gun Violence","duration":"2:37","description":"ABC's Chris Cuomo sits down with children to discuss their ideas for ending shootings. ","url":"/WNT/video/childs-answer-gun-violence-18041003","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}