Chilling Details of Suspected Serial Killer Arrested in South Carolina

1:27 | 11/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chilling Details of Suspected Serial Killer Arrested in South Carolina
and new developments in that horrific kidnapping in south Carolina. A woman chained inside a storage container. The suspect, right there in the Orange jumpsuit, leading police on a tour of his property. They have now found bodies buried there. Tonight, did he also write chilling reviews on Amazon, just as we also learn that after his arrest, he had demands? Here tonight, ABC's Eva pilgrim. Reporter: Authorities tonight describe the suspected serial killer as cooperative, saying Todd kohlepp made three requests before he agreed to provide information to investigators. The former realtor wanted to give his mom a picture, talk with her and to transfer money to a girl he is helping raise. He then confessed to murdering those four people in a motor sports shop in 2003. The local sheriff department says it is aware of chilling Amazon reviews post bring linked to the suspect. In one review about a padlock, the reviewer said, have five on a shipping diner. Won't stop them, but sure will slow them down. Investigators today finding another body on the suspect's land in South Carolina, in one of those graves the suspect revealed Saturday. Near where they discovered Kala brown, locked in a shipping container. The body of Charles David carver, her boyfriend, later found in a shallow grave. It took them finding mill brother to have close sure for other families. And that's a hero. Reporter: David, Kohlhepp has not entered a plea in any of these cases.

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