Former Classmate Says Orlando Shooter Went to Gay Bars

Witnesses describe seeing Omar Mateen multiple times at Pulse, site of the massacre.
2:41 | 06/14/16

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Transcript for Former Classmate Says Orlando Shooter Went to Gay Bars
Our team with new reporting, as well, on the gunman's secret life. A former classmate is now coming forward. Also, patrons of that Orlando nightclub saying he'd be there many times before and he'd been on gay dating apps. The question now, was he hiding a life at odds with his strict faith? ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tonight. Reporter: Its music, its dance floor, its welcoming vibe, made the pulse nightclub a huge draw for Florida's gay community. And tonight, employees and patrons say one of its regulars was omar Mateen. James van horn says he saw the killer there many times. It's not like he just sat there and stared at people. He was an active person that tried, you know, to find somebody, maybe to go to bed with that night. Reporter: Wiltnesses have told FBI agents that Mateen posted pictures of himself on gay dating apps. And what appears to be the secret life of Mateen is now a central focus of the FBI's investigation into the motive behind the terror attack. Cord Cedeno, who also saw Mateen at pulse, says he talked about having a wife and a child. I know the struggle of him that his wife and stuff, and his family, didn't know that he was gay, but he's been doing this, coming to these clubs for years and years. Reporter: Today, Mateen's ex-wife sitora told ABC news that he told her he often frequented nightclubs without saying they were gay clubs. Do I think he was gay? Reporter: She struggled with my question. I -- at this point, I think he might have been. Maybe wasn't able to be honest about it at all to anybody, because of the family and the culture that he's from? Reporter: Mateen's interest in gay men goes back at least ten years, according to a former classmate at a 2006 law enforcement training course, who did not want his face shown. And he asked me if I was gay, and, because I wasn't out at the time, I told him no, I'm not. And he said, if you were gay, you would definitely be my type of guy. Reporter: Yet somehow, Mateen, a Muslim, was drawn to Isis, a terror group that preaches that homosexual till is punishable by death. And Brian Ross is with us tonight. Because even though there is no link to a larger plot, to Isis, that group is not only celebrating him, but they now have a new threat tonight against America and against new York City. Reporter: That's right, David. As they always do in their propaganda campaigns, making new threats against America, using video of president Obama, Donald Trump and the New York City city hall, David. All right, Brian Ross, thank you tonight. We witnessed something today

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Witnesses describe seeing Omar Mateen multiple times at Pulse, site of the massacre.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"39861540","title":"Former Classmate Says Orlando Shooter Went to Gay Bars","url":"/WNT/video/classmate-orlando-shooter-gay-bars-39861540"}