Clinton on the Defensive, Unleashes New Attack on Trump

Hillary Clinton brought out former Miss Universe Alicia Machado to campaign with her in the battleground state of Florida.
3:12 | 11/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton on the Defensive, Unleashes New Attack on Trump
Major developments in the race for the White House election night just one week from tonight nearly 28 million Americans have already voted. And this evening take a look at this race is now a dead heat our latest tracking poll showing Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton 46 to 45. The first time in our polling trump has been ahead since may. And this evening Hillary Clinton getting help from the president the vice president as they try to shift attention back to Donald Trump. Amid those headlines about newly discovered emails there is new reporting from the FBI in a moment. But first ABC Cecilia Vega on the trail with Clinton getting help in Florida tonight. Just seven days to go in Hillary Clinton is determined to do one thing. What the focus back on Donald Charles he sure as spent a lot of time. Debt meaning. Debt rating. Insulting. And assaulting women. And right there with her to deliver this blistering assault. A BC a Machado he'd debt could mean. Mean beating him. Mean how can end of me and I can't. The former beauty queen Donald Trump insulted because of her weeks. Like Rodriguez stopped her met at. Edward Platt got the absurd it Donald Trump finding fault if you're not aren't. No mention of those emails or the FBI's investigation. Instead Clinton unleashing an all out assault on her opponent's character. In her latest dad she finally uses Trump's own words from that now infamous bus video grab by the. And when you're starving let's do it you can do anything. And here in Florida a list of the people trump has insulted. Maybe her son that you know. It's what he said about a judge barn in Indiana well we can't trust him because his parents were born in Mexico. And then trump went on to attack a gold star family. Florida a state Clinton sees as key to victory just in the last week Clinton making fourteen stops here. It's hot arguably admitted error only seven days left in the so lax. So are you readied of it was. Clinton calling on her powerful friends to make a last minute push. Seventeen events today alone seven surrogates in eight battleground states. President Obama in Ohio taking on trump to I want you to focus. On the choice. You praised in this election. Donald Trump if you uniquely unqualified to be proud. The commander in six. And Cecilia Vega with a slide tonight from Florida and Sicilian a lot of the messaging from Hillary Clinton late today on that stage. Seemed clearly aimed at women voters she is aware of the gender gap in the national polls. She certainly is David in our latest poll has her above Donald Trump nine points when it comes to women nationally look. Pieces are closing argument she is trying to show. America who she says Donald Trump is especially when it comes to winning using his own words and right here in Florida and if they think this is the state that is so important for her David. Florida will be key on election night.

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{"id":43230742,"title":"Clinton on the Defensive, Unleashes New Attack on Trump","duration":"3:12","description":"Hillary Clinton brought out former Miss Universe Alicia Machado to campaign with her in the battleground state of Florida.","url":"/WNT/video/clinton-defensive-unleashes-attack-trump-43230742","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}