New Evidence Revealed in 'Blade Runner' Murder Case

Bloody bat reportedly found in Oscar Pistorius case, agent visits athlete in jail.
1:58 | 02/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Evidence Revealed in 'Blade Runner' Murder Case
Now to the exploding case from south africa, the olympian known as the blade return, oscar pistorius facing murder charges in the death of his girlfriend. Both families are speaking out just as another headline breaks, the controversy over the reality show debuting this weekend with that girlfriend still in it. And you'll see here tonight what they chose to use. Bazi kanani is in pretoria tonight. Reporter: An explosive report in a major south african newspaper tonight. The respected city press says multiple police sources confirmed to them, a bloody cricket bat found in oscar pistorius's home after the valentine's day shooting of his cover model girlfriend is a key piece of evidence. Possibly used in an argument leading up to her fatal shooting. Police officials refuse to comment on the new claims, appearing just as pistorius's family has been coming to his defense. I can promise you, with the knowledge I've got, he will come out right. Reporter: Pistorius's father today is quoted saying his son shot steenkamp accidentally, mistaking her for an intruder. What do you do if somebody is in the house? He said, do you think it's one of your family? Of course, you don't. The victim's father also speaking out offering surprising sympathy for a man he had never even met, saying, he must be going through things that we don't know about. There is no hatred in our hearts. And now controversy over the premiere of a reality show reeva steenkamp had recently taped. A special tribute airing last night. But under fire for being insensitive, criticized in their er last words on the series. The way that you go out, not just your journey in life, but the way that you make your exit is so important if you even made an impact in a positive way or a negative way. Reporter: Some south africans angrily called for the series to be canceled, but her family supports the decision to air it, allowing her memory to live on on national tv.

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{"id":18526452,"title":"New Evidence Revealed in 'Blade Runner' Murder Case","duration":"1:58","description":"Bloody bat reportedly found in Oscar Pistorius case, agent visits athlete in jail.","url":"/WNT/video/clues-revealed-blade-runner-murder-charge-18526452","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}