Colleges rethink reopening amid campus COVID-19 outbreaks

President Trump blasted universities that have canceled in-person classes amid COVID-19 outbreaks Wednesday, saying the move could pose a greater safety threat to older family members at home.
2:58 | 08/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colleges rethink reopening amid campus COVID-19 outbreaks
Clayton, thank you again tonight. As more students get back to school, the new study that children who might be silent carriers who don't know they're sick may have higher levels of virus than adults who are visibly ill. More than 174,000 lives might be lost. Syracuse university blasting students. Saying they could force students to leave and study from home. News coming from Los Angeles, all 800,000 students studying remotely, and New York City schools, the teachers there say they want ppe and a robust testing plan before we go back. How long Americans may have to wait for any vaccine. Here's Steve osunsami. Reporter: At notre dame in Indiana, where the football team means everything to this school, today they announced that five of their players tested positive for covid-19 along with 75 other students. They now have more than 300 confirmed cases, and students are now having to live with new restrictions. In classes you sit six feet away in specially marked chairs. You're asked to wear a mask. Reporter: Health officials say this is part of the problem, parties like this one under investigation at Syracuse university. This junior at the university of Michigan, where more than a dozen students have tested positive, wants her classmates to do better. Your choice will have repercussions. Reporter: At Purdue today, school administrators say they're not kidding, and suspended 36 students who were partying just last night. At the university of Kansas, they've just connected 89 new cases to Greek houses on campus. I've been feeling pretty anxious, honestly. I have really bad asthma. Reporter: There's a study out tonight that says many of the nation's school children could be, quote, silent spreaders of the disease and that many children with covid-19 who have no symptoms can have higher levels of the virus in their airways than sick adults who are hospitaled in icus. There are also new guidelines that schools should only re-open classrooms in areas where positive test results are less than 5%. Parents now have this tool online to check on their schools. Only a couple dozen of the 750 counties that we track each week would meet those criteria today. Reporter: In the nation's second largest school system in Los Angeles, remote learning started this morning. But there's a nationwide shortage of the laptops and devices that schools need. I'm still working from home as well, so it was kind of hard for me to work and try to get the iPad working as well. So we had to run back up to his school and they tried to fix it. Unfortunately it didn't work, so here we are. Reporter: Health officials are concerned about heading into cold and flu season with hospitals already challenged by covid-19. A vaccine, of course, would help, but the government's chief adviser to that program says that a vaccine may not be widely available to most Americans until as late as June of next year. David? June of next year. All right, Steve, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"President Trump blasted universities that have canceled in-person classes amid COVID-19 outbreaks Wednesday, saying the move could pose a greater safety threat to older family members at home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72505239","title":"Colleges rethink reopening amid campus COVID-19 outbreaks","url":"/WNT/video/colleges-rethink-reopening-amid-campus-covid-19-outbreaks-72505239"}