Colorado School Shooting, Suspect Dead

Eight miles from Columbine, a student allegedly entered Arapahoe High School carrying a gun.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for Colorado School Shooting, Suspect Dead
Will begin with that story out of Colorado. A student with a shotgun at Iraq a -- high school thirty minutes outside Denver and these are high school children. Evacuating their school hands in the air. Patted down by authorities as part of the search for the gunman. When it was over tearful reunions are seen now -- really familiar in this country you'll recall tomorrow is the one year anniversary. Of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in Connecticut. But new details are still pouring in out of Colorado tonight so we had to ABC's -- and dealt with the latest right now. Friday afternoon -- a -- the -- high school students streaming from classrooms documented by police officers' guns drawn. Anyone else available to -- governor. Single file their hands above their head some frisked. The terror began at 1233. When Fabian your -- has sounded the alarm. As they turned the building -- young men just kid. Entering the building running and a military style in -- live in a double look and it was via shotgun. Police believe the shooter came to get revenge on a teacher after a previous confrontation. Was looking for -- an individual teacher that he identified by name but senator tells us the shooter called out the name of the man seen here showing off a debate team trophy. Tracy Murphy the school librarian. Police say the gunman's target deliberately left school to try and save more kids. They wouldn't confirm it was -- at some point two students were shot police say the suspect also had two Molotov cocktails one of them exploded. The school immediately went into lockdown teachers barricading their students into classrooms and closets. And all the sudden he had his bing bing really fast and in this -- -- -- -- screaming help me help me this issue -- issued -- and she just had blood all over her share and I TJ -- but all of us in the in the closet and like we didn't hear anything else about Indian. We just heard somebody try to come in -- classroom and we just heard screaming and yelling and insists there. Police and FBI swat teams descended on the scene within twenty minutes of the first shots fired they found the suspect dead. The suspect has been found inside the school. And he has deceased as a result of what appears to -- -- self inflicted gunshot -- today's incident just the latest mass shooting in Colorado arapahoe high school is just fifteen miles from Aurora site of last year's movie theater massacre. And it's only eight miles from Columbine High School did you ever think something like this would happen at your kids' school. To be honest there is hardly data goes by when you leave that I don't -- -- -- about that. There have been more than nineteen school shooting since the sandy hook tragedy. This afternoon the all too familiar images frantic parents rushing to the scene. Texting their kids frantic to make sure the ones they love most are okay. As you can see Diane there's still a huge police presence here tonight and as for the two students that were shot one a girl is in serious condition. And is in surgery but there is a bit of good news tonight the second student that was shot suffered only minor injuries and has now gone home from the hospital Diane. And tightening of the news are still coming in but anything on the shooter on the motive. Not yet but what we do know is that the student did attend here at arapahoe high school and we believe. He was a senior we do not know -- name law enforcement has it but they are not releasing it to us yet. What they are doing is going to his house they'll be searching it they'll be talking to his friends family. Maybe even co workers to try -- find any clue as to what may have prompted today's attack Diane. -- -- Clayton sends out as you said so eerily familiar of this story tonight.

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{"id":21217155,"title":"Colorado School Shooting, Suspect Dead","duration":"3:00","description":"Eight miles from Columbine, a student allegedly entered Arapahoe High School carrying a gun. ","url":"/WNT/video/colorado-school-shooting-suspect-dead-21217155","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}