Commander Suspended in Illegal Gambling Probe

Second in command of U.S. nuclear force suspended over gambling investigation.
1:20 | 09/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Commander Suspended in Illegal Gambling Probe
alarming headline from the pentagon this evening. The officer second in command of america's nuclear fighting forces, submarines, bombers and missiles, has been suspended indefinitely. He's under investigation for gambling and abc's susan saulny is in washington now. Reporter: Law enforcement sources say vice admiral tim giardina is suspected of cheating at poker in a casino in iowa. Counterfeit poker chips is part of the investigation. That's against the law in the state of iowa. Reporter: As deputy head of the u.S. Strategic command in iowa, giardina oversees america's land and sea-based nuclear missiles and bombs. In a highly unusual move, the command has suspended giardina from his high stakes duties. Now we're, of course, cooperating with the department of defense and helping them in any way we can. Reporter: The investigation began in june when state agents suspected fake chips at a poker game at the horseshoe casino in council bluffs. Now it continues in the hands of the navy's criminal investigators. No charges have yet been filed. Through a spokesman, giardina today had no comment. While giardina has been suspended, he has not been removed from his post. That's something only the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, can do. The military is awaiting his decision.

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{"id":20415407,"title":"Commander Suspended in Illegal Gambling Probe ","duration":"1:20","description":"Second in command of U.S. nuclear force suspended over gambling investigation.","url":"/WNT/video/commander-suspended-illegal-gambling-probe-20415407","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}