Consumers Warned About Tech Support Phone Scam

Phones calls have been received claiming false computer security breaches.
1:42 | 02/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Consumers Warned About Tech Support Phone Scam
money, and a new warning for consumers tonight. Phone scammers calling, posing as computer techs, trying to steal your personal information. Rebecca Jarvis is back with the audio, tracking the scam, and trying to protect your money. Reporter: It starts with a phone call. This call is in regards to a security software we installed on your computer last year. Reporter: That voice, claiming to be a computer tech. Now we see a red flag on our end stating there is a security breach on it. Please call 1-855 -- Reporter: Actually a con artist, trying to gain remote access to your computer and steal your personal information. We tried calling the number. You're saying you believe my computer has a virus on it? Sure enough, we were directed to a site where they could take over our computer. Even the aarp warning members in this video to beware. Tonight, the government warning these scams are on the rise and they don't just happen on the phone. Andrea Hahn was browsing the internet when a voice came through her laptop claiming the device was infected. She called the number on the screen. Then they took control of the computer. Reporter: Shutting the laptop off before the scammer stole her personal information. So we turn back to Rebecca Jarvis. How do you protect yourself? Never grant access to someone who has contacted you. Never pay them by wire or debit. Hang up, and contact your service provider directly. Rebecca, thanks twice

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Phones calls have been received claiming false computer security breaches.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"45260617","title":"Consumers Warned About Tech Support Phone Scam","url":"/WNT/video/consumers-warned-tech-support-phone-scam-45260617"}