Crackdown on Protestors in Turkey

Prime minister of Turkey unleashes force including tear gas to quell the unrest.
1:53 | 06/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crackdown on Protestors in Turkey
Tear gas and the turmoil and one of America's most crucial allies is also a city American tourists dream about there are violent clashes. Under way between riot police and protesters. In Istanbul Turkey. Nearly 5000 injured raising concern about America's friend in that volatile region and ABC's Alex -- -- is on the crack down tonight. Tonight one of the world's great ancient cities looks. Like a war zone. All day Central Square and Istanbul riot police fired volleys of burning tear gas at anti government demonstrators. Knocking them back with water cannon. The demonstrators entered by throwing rocks and setting fires. Their anger is directed squarely at this man prime minister -- to tie it aired a 11 of America's closest friends. His country houses American nuclear weapons he's a crucial ally standing with the US against president Bashar Al Assad in Syria. And in stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. But for almost two weeks now protesters have unleashed their rage against him. We were there again. These are some of the biggest protest this country has seen in decades unimaginable. Just. Weeks ago many of the protesters theaters that the prime minister is becoming a dictator who want him to step down you feel that our lights largely taken away from us. We don't feelings and -- country anymore. They also say he's imposing his strict Islam -- the ideals including restricting the sale of alcohol. Today but defiant -- -- -- warned that he would showed no more tolerance for these protests protests that began over a small city park. And are now seeking the stability of the key American ally. Alex Marquardt ABC news.

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{"id":19378028,"title":"Crackdown on Protestors in Turkey","duration":"1:53","description":"Prime minister of Turkey unleashes force including tear gas to quell the unrest.","url":"/WNT/video/crackdown-protestors-turkey-19378028","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}