Crackdowns grow on police officers accused of assault

Two officers in Buffalo pleaded not guilty to charges of assault against a 75-year-old protester.
3:08 | 06/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crackdowns grow on police officers accused of assault
Now to the growing crackdown on police officers accused of assault. Two officers in Buffalo pleading not guilty to assault charges today. The officers injured a 75-year-old peaceful protester, shoving him to the ground. Officers in several major cities facing allegations at the same time. Nearly 300 officers in New York City injured since protests here's ABC's Zackary kiesch. Reporter: Tonight, the heavy handed tactics used by some police are under scrutiny. Two Buffalo police officers have been charged with felony assault, less than 36 hours after 75 year-old martin Gugino, was shoved to the ground at a protest. He is bleeding/leaking! He's bleeding out of his ear! Reporter: Suspended officers Aaron torgalski and Robert Mccabe, plead not guilty today. The police department originally said the man tripped and fell. Dozens of police, gathering outside the court in solidarity, some applauding the officers charged. I'm not choosing sides. My job is to prosecute those who have violated the law, plain and simple. Reporter: The union says all 57 officers resigned from the specialized unit, some, in protest of the charges and in support of the officers. New York's governor, sending state police to support the department, calling the incident "Horrendous." A bad police officer is the enemy of every good police officer. Reporter: Gugino, a longtime activist, remains in the hospital in serious, but stable condition. Also in New York tonight, the NYPD, suspending two officers without pay. One for this incident posted online, the officer pulling down a person's face mask in Brooklyn and hitting him with pepper spray. In Philadelphia, an officer has been charged with assault, after video posted online shows him hitting a protester in the head with a baton. The police union vowing to support the officer. The majority of protests have been peaceful, but in New York City alone, nearly 300 officers have been injured since demonstrations began. One officer, stabbed in the neck. Tonight, police say this suspect faces attempted murder charges. Here in Minneapolis where George took his final breath, there are calls for action. In Seattle, the police chief has banned the use of tear gas on protesters for at least 30 days. And has called for a review of crowd control tactics.. And a federal judge in Denver, has issued a temporary restraining order, limiting an officer's ability to use tear gas or fire rubber bullets. And Zachary kiesch joining us from Minneapolis. I want to go back to that protester, 75-year-old martin Gugino shoved to the ground in Buffalo. I understand tonight, Zackary, you have an update? Reporter: That's right, Tom. Gugino's lawyer describes him as a human rights advocate, his client has a concussion and wanting all further protests to remain peaceful. Tom? Zachary kiesch with that new reporting for us tonight, thank

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Two officers in Buffalo pleaded not guilty to charges of assault against a 75-year-old protester.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71113139","title":"Crackdowns grow on police officers accused of assault","url":"/WNT/video/crackdowns-grow-police-officers-accused-assault-71113139"}