Crisis in Iraq: ISIS Siege Broken

President Obama: "We will continue airstrikes to protect our people and facilities in Iraq."
1:29 | 08/14/14

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Transcript for Crisis in Iraq: ISIS Siege Broken
Now to breaking news from Iraq on two fronts. First this evening prime minister agreeing to step down. This is significant. Something the white house said was necessary to try to pull the country together. And second president Obama revealing the immediate humanitarian crisis has been eased. Thousands of refugees marooned some climbing on to helicopters. Some able to reach safety. I will bring in correspondent Martha Raddatz in Washington. We were watching today the president, there was something else he said, that aside from the humanitarian mission, there is the other mission, that carries on. Let's listen. We will continue to protect our people and facilities in Iraq. We will continue the air strikes, no timeline given, Martha. Reporter: No timeline. In fact, today there were several strikes by fighter jets and armed drones aimed at Isis targets. The president making it clear, these types of air strikes will be carried out with no end in sight. The bottom line, as long as Isis, islamic militant fighters pose a threat to Iraqi cities, where there are 00s of American diplomats and military advisors working, the strikes will be ongoing. It's about protecting the Americans there, and very critically, it's about defending key cities. The fear is Isis will control the north of Iraq. And their next stop will be an assault on the capital Baghdad. The ripple effect that could follow. Martha, thank you again. We turn to another developing

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{"id":24989328,"title":"Crisis in Iraq: ISIS Siege Broken","duration":"1:29","description":"President Obama: \"We will continue airstrikes to protect our people and facilities in Iraq.\"","url":"/WNT/video/crisis-iraq-isis-siege-broken-24989328","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}