Cruz Control Gains Momentum

Analysis of the upsets and surprises at the Iowa Caucus.
3:50 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Cruz Control Gains Momentum
New Hampshire just seven days away and tonight a new three way battle taking shape already senator Ted Cruz fueled by his first place finish in Iowa. Donald Trump firing off tweets tonight a picture of him headed to New Hampshire a short time ago and what he's now saying about his second place finish in Iowa. Arguing it was a long shot great finish. Many now pointing to what could be new momentum for senator Marco Rubio many late to siders and I would go in with rubio who had a strong third place finish. The Republicans and their big debate this weekend on ABC the night before the Super Bowl but the game on the ground in New Hampshire is well underway. Chris Christie tonight calling rubio the boy in the bubble. ABC's Tom Thomas beating us off. Tonight but we wait at least for New Hampshire senator parents don't trumpet all right let me first of all saying. God be the glory. And Trump's speech there in short just three minutes long thank you very much I love your vehicle. In Iowa the man who always brands himself the winner sounding like a gracious loser. I know we love you we thank you. This Bechtel we will be back many many times it back. I think I might come here and buy a farm by love. But tonight in New Hampshire ruled spinning the results Marco. Good guy but he came in tired and make it sound like he had a victory but I didn't but I came in second when I first soda had nothing. And then I inched my way up what pretty rapidly actually and now on the leading everything and I I did okay in Iowa pretty good and I. Now one of trumps all tweets back and focus no one remembers who came in second today crews painting trump as a candidate coming unhinged who can't be trusted. So actually the. His friend. I'm needed I. Okay. But it's not just drug crews will also have to get them sit on the field and finished a surprisingly strong third. I think that's very calculated and we'll say or do anything to get a vote you'll feel they'll sounding a lot like another poster of senator. Got a big boost from Iowa here's rubio last night this is the momma they said it would never happen. And Hughes Barack Obama in 2008. Is said to stay right. Would never caught. President's former speechwriter tweeting that rubio could've at least think Obama for the opening line. As rubio rises his opponents on the attack governor Chris Christie calling him the boy in the bubble could be notably the Pope is here. He never answers your questions. Athletes who didn't control it because it would be. Get the man up and step up. And stop that all of his handlers write this means is and in the. Governor Chris Christie called you don't point. In the bubble suggesting that you weren't very delicate candidate you have not yet been tested we seat well look Chris has had a tough couple days right and he's not doing well. The very poorly in Iowa and so sometimes and people run and adversity they don't react wellness say things maybe they'll later regret. Tom joins us now from New Hampshire from the Donald Trump event tonight and Tom Donald Trump. Now reminding everyone he's been spending his own money on this campaign and trump adamant that a second place finish was a major victory. And David that's because trump never fights a flaw and never surrenders ground. But tonight campaign theme here are much more company in New Hampshire and Iowa for two main reasons for. From campaign manager has worked in politics in this state three years he even leaves here he knows the state inside out. And second they have much more elected leaders behind it in New Hampshire than they did in Iowa.

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{"id":36676842,"title":"Cruz Control Gains Momentum","duration":"3:50","description":"Analysis of the upsets and surprises at the Iowa Caucus.","url":"/WNT/video/cruz-control-gains-momentum-36676842","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}