Cuba's Possible Future After Fidel Castro

The first U.S. commercial flight took off from Havana to Miami today.
2:05 | 11/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cuba's Possible Future After Fidel Castro
Finally tonight, we reported from Havana last night here, after the death of Fidel Castro. So many Cubans remembering their leader, but also looking forward. And what we witnessed just this morning, a sign of change. Tonight, the images coming in from Havana. The Cuban people lining up to pay their respects, where Fidel Castro would famously address the Cuban people for hours. But so many of the Cubans we met are looking to the future, too. We asked this man who he's heard about our president-elect. He tells me, "No one knows. We have to wait and find out." So many wondering if Mr. Trump will continue the thaw that began with president Obama. The teenagers. They tell me, the relationship with the U.S. Right now is very good. They, too, are now waiting. And just this morning, we witnessed that thaw already beginning. Our journey back beginning at the Havana airport where we learned we would be boarding the first commercial flight from Havana to Miami in decades. This is the inaugural certificate. Am I the first passenger to get one? I'm not the first one. The inaugural certificate. A pin for every passenger. It's the American flag and the Cuban flag, the pin here. The first flight from Cuba to Miami since the American airlines flight, and you can see people in the terminal, all taking photographs and videos, because it's a historic moment. When we got to the door of the plane, the Cuban flag on the American airlines jet. You can see the Cuban flag just outside the pilot's window there. The entire crew, extremely excited to be part of this flying. And so were the passengers back in that terminal, capturing it all. That crew, those families so kind to us and we thank you. Thank you for watching on a Monday. I'm seal you right back here tomorrow. Good night.

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{"id":43833096,"title":"Cuba's Possible Future After Fidel Castro","duration":"2:05","description":"The first U.S. commercial flight took off from Havana to Miami today.","url":"/WNT/video/cubas-future-fidel-castro-43833096","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}