Dangerous Fog Over Kansas Community

Toxic gas spewing from a chemical plant has caused evacuations and people to be hospitalized.
1:58 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Dangerous Fog Over Kansas Community
Real scare in one American community a chemical spill and a dangerous cloud hovering overhead leading to evacuations other families told to close windows and doors. At dangerous fog drifting for miles dozens have been rushed to the hospital and here are the pictures from Kansas the toxic gas write their overhead. And look on the ground tonight visibility near zero schools evacuated today ABC's Alex Perez is on the scene. That massive plume is spewing out of this Kansas distillery just after 8 AM cloud of toxic gas. Yeah. Officials say the spill triggered when two chemicals and so if Urich acid and sodium chloride. Were mixed by mistake at the end GP plant where they make food and alcohol. All at once it just looked like alternate moved into the city gets thick fog obscuring the sun the scope of the plume captured by a drone. Anxious residents are watching the cloud rolled right into their backyards. Families told to shelter in place for two hours. We are in the prop that's. Of evacuating 18100 children. Many students rushed out of local schools a wave from the plant reopened indoors and all you could smell lewis'. Horrible horrible stench it smelling bleach. Parents like Ken Blankenship trying to find his daughter Nadia got a dollar school her Arthur bush her. Ship and if you just like guided breathing problems is sending more than fifty people to the hospital at least one patient in intensive care. Firefighters using water to bring that mixture under control. By late morning officials giving the all clear telling residents it was safe to go home this was a large plume that enveloped the large area. We're very fortunate at this time dad there were not more injuries. The company is cooperating with federal investigators with the EPA says the air here is as safe most of those those treated in the hospital. I've been released David Alex Perez leading us off from Kansas Alex thing.

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{"id":42980191,"title":"Dangerous Fog Over Kansas Community ","duration":"1:58","description":"Toxic gas spewing from a chemical plant has caused evacuations and people to be hospitalized.","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-fog-kansas-community-42980191","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}