Day Care Worker Protected Children During Tornado

Woman describes the terrifying moments when the storm hit.
1:36 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Day Care Worker Protected Children During Tornado
More faces from the storm and tonight we're hearing from one woman who's a resident of war Oklahoma she works at a daycare center and when the storm hit. Was up to -- to keep small children calm and safe. And here's what she told us. While we need the storms are pending we have continues on any other radio line and my phone and started. Going all lanes so there -- an alert -- -- going -- they TV's doctor. Fire him. We -- our kids that -- -- -- -- then it's. On top of all of us -- all huddled together until it was over. -- you seeing and you read and you do whatever it takes to make them not tire gets better -- -- about what's really happened. I don't you know street is turning to -- Street vendors on schools demolish houses everywhere just. Look anywhere I was talking to you -- -- -- include some people just being outside crying. Destroying its patent pending I feel horrible for everybody yeah. -- houses are gone. I was Hillary Diane I don't even know what really happened -- know walking around. Seeing everybody it's. -- -- -- -- Quite as teacher quite a Mormon.

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{"id":19221712,"title":"Day Care Worker Protected Children During Tornado","duration":"1:36","description":"Woman describes the terrifying moments when the storm hit.","url":"/WNT/video/day-care-worker-protected-children-tornado-19221712","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}