Two Dead at Nevada School Shooting

Hero teacher trying to protect students gunned down by middle school student .
2:20 | 10/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two Dead at Nevada School Shooting
We begin with a developing story, a new american tragedy. This time a middle school in reno, nevada. A student opened fire, a heroic teacher tried to step in. He was a beloved math teacher, a marine who ended up losing his life at school right here at home. The details are still streaming in at this hour and abc's cecilia vega has the latest right now. Shots fired at sparks middle school. Active shooter sparks middle school. One down so far. Reporter: The students at sparks middle school were waiting for the morning bell to ring when the shooting started. He is in school uniform. This is seen by a teacher. Reporter: The shooter witnesses say a student dressed in that gray and green school sweat shirt. He first opened fire near the basketball court shooting a boy in the arm. I heard the first shot. I looked over and I saw a kid, my best friend, laying on the ground shot in the arm. Reporter: Students say a teacher ran to try and stop the gunfire only to be killed, shot in the chest. And then he walked up to a teacher and said back up. The teacher started backing up and he pulled the trigger. Reporter: Witnesses say the shooter than ran into the school building firing again, hitting another boy who is now in The young shooter died, too. Police won't say how, only that they didn't fire any shots. Panicked students just 7th and 8th graders tried to save themselves and their teacher. 45-year-old michael landsberry. Me and some of his friends went to him and said come on, we got to get him to safety. We picked him up, carried him a little bit and we left him because our vice principle came along and said go, get to safety. So we left the teacher there and we went to safety. Reporter: A vet turned math teacher who rushed in to protect his students. Having him for math was the best one student tweeted, another said I'll never forget you. My estimation, he is a hero. Reporter: We are learning more this evening about michael landsberry. He was a former marine, a former member of the national guard and the outpouring out here of grief has been overwhelming. One student saying today that mr. Landsberry told her he would do anything to protect the people he loved, but diane, no known motive for what happened out here today. So many writing about him online.

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{"id":20640304,"title":"Two Dead at Nevada School Shooting","duration":"2:20","description":"Hero teacher trying to protect students gunned down by middle school student .","url":"/WNT/video/dead-nevada-school-shooting-20640304","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}