Deadly Blast Levels Indianapolis Suburb

Dozens of homes are destroyed as intense explosion leaves two dead and at least eight others injured.
3:00 | 11/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Blast Levels Indianapolis Suburb
We do begin here with that terrifying and deadly explosion that shattered a suburban indianapolis neighborhood in the middle of the night. The blast could be felt for miles. Firefighters rushing to the scene. You can see one of the homes here on fire and then soon, several of them up in flames. Witnesses say you could hear the screams in the night, families huddled outside, hugging their pets. And then today, the image of a charred neighborhood. In a moment here, a tour of the scene, but first tonight, abc's john schriffen with the newest clues. Authorities speaking just moments ago. Reporter: This gaping hole is all that's left. Charred foundations, burnt-out roofs, surrounded by pieces of homes scattered everywhere. An explosion so intense at least two people are now dead and at least eight others injured. Garage doors blown in, houses completely leveled, nothing left. Reporter: Late last night this suburban community outside of indianapolis was rocked from their beds when a blast obliterated two homes and ignited several others. Nearly 200 people were forced to quickly flee into the streets, many wearing pajamas, clutching their pets. A scene so desperate, neighbors rushed in to help. As soon as I got to the house and I heard those people screaming, the only thing i could think of is, these they're not going to make it. I just ran in, without even thinking, me and andrew here and just pulled them out. Reporter: Investigators are combing through the rubble, looking for clues. So far, survey is indicated there are no gas leaks in the area. However, we've got a lot more investigating to do. That news conference just moments ago. John with us here on the desk. So many people watching this are going to wonder, was there any gas, did anyone smell anything before this? Reporter: That's what's so puzzling. In the days before the blast, no reports of any smells of gas in the area. Now, to give you an idea just how powerful this was, look at this image. Only a few blocks radius, but people say they could hear and feel it close to three miles away. Three smiles. John, thank you. The team at our station, wrtv, on the screen all day. Drew smith among the first reporters to get inside that neighborhood and he reported in just a short time ago here. Reporter: David, there's just massive destruction here inside this richmond hills subdivision on the southeast side of indianapolis. You can see there are bulldozers out here. People are work, trying to get everything cleaned up. What used to be five homes less than 24 hours ago are nothing more than rubble. At least 80 homes severely affected by the blast that went off shortly after 11:00 eastern time last night. Windows blown out. And you can see the cleanup here is going to take quite some time. Authorities are working with federal authorities here in indianapolis to try to figure out exactly what happened and what caused the massive devastation.

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{"id":17695197,"title":"Deadly Blast Levels Indianapolis Suburb","duration":"3:00","description":"Dozens of homes are destroyed as intense explosion leaves two dead and at least eight others injured.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-blast-levels-indianapolis-suburb-17695197","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}