Deadly Flooding in the West, Rescues Underway

Record monsoon, intense floods and abandoned cars as rescuers carry small children from rising water.
2:24 | 09/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Flooding in the West, Rescues Underway
Zble we move onto night to the monster rainfall. Nearly half a dozen states under flood watches around warnings. Records shattered in Arizona tonight, and these images pouring in. California, romming rapids in one neighborhood. In Phoenix tonight, cars stras stranded. And in Mesa, Arizona, that girl kayaking past a basketball hoop. And it's not just in the west tonight. The east under water, as well. Two major systems and ABC chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it off. Oh my god. Oh my god. Reporter: Record rains devouring parts of the southwest. This Phoenix highway, now an eerie, water-filled graveyard of abandoned cars. Our Allison Rodriguez from KNXV, right there. Interstate 10 has been turned into a river, with dozens of cars stranded here in the middle of the roads and on the sides of the roads. Reporter: Firefighters trudging through, helping children out of a daycare, and into the arms of their parents. So many neighborhoods on edge. Oh, that's going to be close. Oh. Don't move that car. Reporter: Just waiting to see how high the water would rise. In this park, kayaking almost rim-high through the basketball hoop. More than three inches of rain falling, the most Phoenix has ever recorded in one day. We had calls in the hundreds of people just stranded, flooded out cars, accidents, people sliding off the roadway. Reporter: And it is not just Phoenix. Deadfully flash floods near tuscon, a woman caught in a wash. Floods submerging cars as far west as palm desert, California. Remnants of Norbert fueling the remarkable monsoon storms. Just unbelievable. Ginger tracking this right into the night. This isn't over. Reporter: Right. You can see the moisture on the map, from Norbert, the remnants of it, right there in the southwest. Tons of flash flood watches from California to Colorado. We could see some of these storms bring locally over three inches of rain. It's happening surrounding las Vegas right now. As we get into the rest of the forecast, some 2,500 miles east, it's mirroring what's happening in the southwest. This is Norfolk, Virginia. Some places have already had six to ten inches and there's more to come. You can see some of those topping three and even four inches right there along the outer banks. Flooding on both coasts tonight. Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Record monsoon, intense floods and abandoned cars as rescuers carry small children from rising water.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"25363371","title":"Deadly Flooding in the West, Rescues Underway","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-flooding-west-rescues-underway-25363371"}