Deadly mall shooting near El Paso

Police say several people have been killed and numerous injuries in shopping mall shooting.
4:15 | 08/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly mall shooting near El Paso
The deadly chaos in El Paso with the mash shooting at a Wal-Mart shopping center. Law enforcement officials telling ABC news at least eighteen people have been shot and killed dozens more injured. As you can imagine panic breaking out as the killing spree started. The suspected gunman identified as 21 year old Patrick priciest of Allen Texas is in custody tonight. Terrified shoppers with their hands up you see it right there police say one to 3000 people were likely inside of the Wal-Mart at the time with the shooting. Many of them families they're buying back to school supplies. And now the high number of fatalities landing this horrific attack on the list of the ten worst mass shootings in US history. Shoppers dazed and bleeding some of them injured carried on shopping Dolly's. Witnesses sharing chilling accounts would us in heartbreaking detail and tonight you'll hear from a young woman who was shopping with her mother and her son telling me how it all started. And that the gunman looked like he was quote on a mission. You're so we victims right now the El Paso police department urging people to donate blood to help out the surviving victims. ABC's Morga scores in Texas tonight leading us off. Tonight horror in another American place people thought was saved. Gun shots weren't shocker. The first call of an active shooter coming at 10 o'clock this morning at the CLO Vista mall in El Paso, Texas the store packed with morning shoppers. All tac unit of equity and at least. Make it to that went I don't former. Witnesses say a man wearing cargo pants and carrying a rifle. Began shooting as he makes his way through the parking lot and into the store. As we're ready to get here it is a parking lots these sirens that you can hear this exchange outside begins at last night we'll think it's a topic like dancing outside. The gunmen targeting his victims one by one in cold blood. People actually it has to go ahead art. Point one incident helped important Omar. Apparently nothing happened happened won't or don't want to hear that if you put doorways and if people will be home. One witness telling ABC news it was like the gunman was on a mission. Police racing to the scene unsure if there was one or several shooters this person trying to get out as first responders question. Panicked shoppers recording their escapes posting it on social media. Run me out around you can hear officers yelling commands as people flee. The shopping center placed on lockdown. And officials warning the public to stay away from the area. The entire area is being searched as we speak. You'll have to police target. Swat team patrol officers. And the tactical teams from DEA FB IVP. Are currently searching the area so we need people to see a wave. Nearby in El Paso congresswoman canceling her town hall alerting the audience about what happened. None of your mind. Didn't she did. Police scrambling trying to find the gunmen. Are. Inside police helping this woman covered in blood. Another woman being wheeled on a cart as days shoppers looked on. Or. Tonight the death salt unfathomable at least eighteen killed according to law enforcement officials. A massacre. Dozens more wounded their ages ranging from as young as two years old to senior citizens. As another American community is once again forced to ask why. So many killed or wounded in this horrific attack Marcus Moore joins us live orcas as we mentioned earlier officials desperately urging people in the community. To give blood to help the multiple victims. Atomic yes it was incredibly busy this morning Saturday morning officials estimate there were between a thousand. And 3000 people inside the store when the shooting happened and so the victims they were arrested to area hospitals many of them tonight. Are in critical condition and that's why does that urgent need for blood in the meantime Tom the suspect. Is still in custody and we learned tonight that he was taken into custody without incident law enforcement did not have to fire any shots to get him arrested top. Marcus Moore with that new reporting on that breaking news tonight Marcus thank you.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Police say several people have been killed and numerous injuries in shopping mall shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64756608","title":"Deadly mall shooting near El Paso","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-mall-shooting-el-paso-64756608"}