Deadly Mudslide in Washington State

Rescue crews search for survivors after deadly landslide in Washington.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Deadly Mudslide in Washington State
beginning with the desperate search at this hour in the west after a massive and deadly mud slide in Washington state. The side of the mountain crashing down, wiping out homes with families inside. Take a look at the before and after tonight, right in the center of the photo there, the river snaking through the middle of your careen, the road to the left of the river there. Tonight, this is what it looks like now. Homes and trees wiped out. A giant wall of mud moving through in just seconds. Look at the tree line there at the top and right before it where the Earth gave way. On this Sunday, shaken neighbors hugging with the search for survivors now under way. Families gathering at the fire station tonight. We have team coverage this evening. The forecast for that part of the country, not good. More dangerous rain coming. But first, ABC's Neal Karlinsky in Washington state for us. Neal, good evening. Reporter: David, good evening. This slide is considered so dangerous that residents are still being kept back while search crews look for survivors. Pictures from above show the full scope. As if half a mountain slid down on this rural community, a slide measuring a square mile in size. This is the carnage. This right here in front of me was the highway. Reporter: Home video from the ground makes it hard to tell that there used to be anything here. Survivors had to be plucked out by helicopter. Helicopter medevacing the mom and child, 5 months old, is still alive. Reporter: Tonight, that baby is hospitalized in critical condition. Deep beneath all this mud, a residential street called steelhead road. Officials say it simply is not there anymore. A lot of commotion and a lot of people that were very scared and -- just -- we need prayers. Reporter: Nearly 30 homes were either wiped away clean or damaged when the hillside gave way Saturday, sending seven people to the hospital and killing three. Ominously, 18 people are still unaccounted for, including reed miller's son. Don't know where he is. They're up there searching and I'm sitting here waiting. If he's still alive, who knows what kind of condition he's in. It's not god in action. It's the devil in action. Reporter: Even today, rescue crews are working mainly from the air, because the hillside is still so unstable, it's considered just too dangerous. We've got this huge square mile mud fleo up there that is basically like quicksand. It's extremely fluid. It's moving. Reporter: Because the area is so rural, it's unclear if those who are unaccounted for got out somehow or were trapped by the slide. Search efforts, David, are said to be slow and grueling. Neal, thank you. I want to bring in Cecily Tynan back with us again tonight. And you've been tracking this all weekend. You say two systems coming this week could spell even more trouble for the northwest? That's exactly right, David. Unfortunately, more rain is heading that way. Tomorrow will be dry, but Tuesday, another storm system will pull onshore. We're looking at one to three inches of rain expected. And more rain by the end of the week into the weekend. And this part of the country, the ground is already heavily saturated. Already saturated by recent heavy rains. That's what caused the mud slides. And keep in mind, a typical mud slide travels at 10 miles an hour. But they can exceed 35 miles an hour. That explains the homes in the middle of the street. Just horrific images out of the northwest. The other major weather headline tonight. Your viewers in Philadelphia and throughout the northeast want to know, do we have a better idea of the track of this nor'easter? We certainly do. Looks like new England will bear the brunt of it. This is the latest track. It shows that we'll probably see some light snow in the mid-atlantic by Tuesday afternoon. But bear in mind, this is late March. High sun angle, light snow has a tough time accumulating. That low pressure, though, will rapidly intensify, what we call bombing out. By the time it gets off the coast of new England, with heavy snow and strong winds, winds 50 to 60 miles per hour. Even if you don't see the snow, you will likely feel the cold temperatures this week. Exactly. It's going to feel like the middle of January. 15 to 20 degrees below Normal. The plains states, 10 to 15. Even Dallas, 5 to 10 degrees below Normal. So, keep the winter colt coats on hand. Hank you, Cecily. And now, to the other disaster unfolding this hour,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rescue crews search for survivors after deadly landslide in Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23028933","title":"Deadly Mudslide in Washington State","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-mudslide-washington-state-23028933"}