Deadly plane crash near Dallas

A small two-engine plane went down in a fiery crash on Sunday morning, killing all 10 people on board.
2:25 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for Deadly plane crash near Dallas
And we begin with what the NTSB has just revealed about the deadliest plane crash in Texas in 30 years. The small beachcraft twin engine plane slamming into a hangar, its fuel erupting into a fire ball. Two pilots and eight passengers onboard. No one survived. Now, new images coming in from inside that charred hangar. Tonight, we're learning that a family of four were among the dead. But now, questions remain about why the plane crashed so abruptly. ABC's Marcus Moore starts us off at the airport in Addison, Texas. Reporter: Tonight, these images show the intense flames, thick smoke, and a desperate effort to help after a twin-engine plane fell from the sky. Investigators say the beachcraft be-350 was carrying two crew members and eight passengers when it went down shortly after takeoff from this small airport north of Dallas Sunday. The plane slamming into an unoccupied hangar and then bursting into flames. Everybody just stand by, we had an accident on the field. Reporter: Emergency crews rushing to put out the flames that engulfed the wreckage. The crash leaving a gaping hole at the top of the hangar. The airplane had gotten airborne and then veered to the left of the runway and then started to roll to the left, and it was in the process of rolling when it collided with the hangar. Reporter: There were no among those killed, a family of four from Plano, Texas. The school the two children attended confirming they, their mom and stepfather all died in the crash. The plane was headed to St. Petersburg, Florida. The NTSB says they recovered the cockpit voice recorder, but other crucial evidence was destroyed. Unfortunately, due to the extensive post-impact fire and damage incurred during the impact sequence, other systems are virtually destroyed. And Marcus joins us now live from the scene of that crash. Marcus, we just heard the NTSB say they recovered the cockpit voice recorder, but this plane did not have a flight data recorder? Reporter: Yeah, Cecilia. As you know, this type of plane does not require a flight data recorder, and that's going to make it harder for investigators as they look into this deadly crash. Now, the cockpit voice recorder, however, it is already in Washington being analyzed and investigators are listening to the back ground noise, hoping it will lead them to a critical clue that can help them figure out what brought this plane down. Cecilia? Okay, Marcus, thank you. We'll turn next tonight to

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"A small two-engine plane went down in a fiery crash on Sunday morning, killing all 10 people on board.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64074489","title":"Deadly plane crash near Dallas","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-plane-crash-dallas-64074489"}