Deadly Tornado Tears Through Virginia Campground, Killing NJ Couple

Severe weather including lightning and a fire and heat forecast also expected in the Northeast.
2:26 | 07/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Tornado Tears Through Virginia Campground, Killing NJ Couple
the severe weather. Terrifying hundreds of families at a camp site and through the east, violent lightning, giant hail. ABC's meteorologist ginger zee has it all, including the campers running for cover. Something crazy is going on outside! Reporter: Chaos at the campground. Oh, my god! Reporter: An ef-1 tornado, winds up to 100 miles an hour, tearing across the eastern shore of Virginia, killing a couple from New Jersey and injures more than two dozen people. Look at the tree, it's on that guy's camper! Reporter: The winds, twisting trailers and mangling trees. Golf ball-sized hail accompanying a frightening soundtrack to the storm. More than 1,300 panicked campers huddling for safety. We're in a 37-foot motorhome. And it started rolling back and forth, and we're hearing stuff slamming. Reporter: A countywide state of emergency. We're in the eye of this tornado, pretty much. That's what it seemed like. It was scary. Reporter: Ambulances rushing in. We've got at least 20 people in a re-triage area, we're still finding more. Copy, command. We have mass casualty response. Reporter: From the air, a view of the destruction. Winds snapping trees like toothpicks and flipping this tractor trailer. All of this on the heels of strong storms Wednesday night in the northeast. Skies opening up over Yankee stadium. It is dangerous conditions now at Yankee stadium. Reporter: At the famed saratoga springs racetrack in New York, spectators clearing out just moments before lightning demolished this tree. It just exploded, like somebody had put dynamite in it and blew it up. Reporter: And the severe thunderstorms are on again tonight in the southeast and also back out in pockets of the west. So, let's look at that here for parts of North Carolina, and for Virginia. We even have warnings. But watch for the next couple of hours, along that cold front. And then back off to the west, we do see anywhere from Montana, all the way to Iowa, a risk this evening into the overnight hours. The cold front that would be part of the instigator is also instigating windy conditions. So, the red flag warnings all from Montana back to Nevada, a big issue tonight. And Diane, the heat still baking in the southwest. Tomorrow, not as hot, but 110 at yuma is something to note. All right, ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Severe weather including lightning and a fire and heat forecast also expected in the Northeast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24704879","title":"Deadly Tornado Tears Through Virginia Campground, Killing NJ Couple","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-tornado-tears-virginia-campground-killing-nj-couple-24704879"}