Deep Freeze Invades the Northeast

ABC News' Rob Marciano reports from New York on the latest on the deep freeze.
4:52 | 12/12/16

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Invades the Northeast
Everybody rob Marciano Lott would view on that basement alive and ABC news digital W from. Riverside Drive and about a 155. Street. In the heights like this today. With the George watched him very behind this kind of become law somewhat regular outpost where is what we do our world news. The tonight live shots doing weather and it's exposed get a great view of the river New Jersey in any weather that's coming in from the west. Anyway it's been up quite quite interesting last few days even Bonnie the weather. Lot of lake effect snow we were in Leicester New York. A few days ago they got three feet of it there. Their first big lake effect event of the season the waters there the Great Lakes and you usually log because. Paul was unusually warm so now we're not pay the price of these cold shot. Coming in off the off the lake you know we we often Davey angle that this is. You know not not a fun thing because we also get a lot of pilots lot of lot of wrecks. And we saw a number of those the past street reported so people just getting around them the Great Lakes and and the northern tier the country. And very difficult time lately so that's the downside of this stuff the upside is. Folks who like to play in the snow. One of them and that this new resorts missed you resort businesses that are out now along with Great Lakes but across parts of northern New York in New England that got that are all little chunk of snow. This week so ski resorts begin to celebrate as they are. Out west course the big news is going to be the cold. That comes in here. Well it here not till Thursday or Friday. But. We've been locked in this this shot this air mass. Basically it said the area now I'm on the move. A film meant a piece of the polar vortex. An accurate you've probably heard the past few years we've gotten it really cold stuff. Which is basically. Or more Texas and it's always there in the wintertime especially so he's out there. Swirling around the polls basically. Every once in awhile when the jet stream gets a nudge up and a nudged down. That will swing. A piece of the polar vortex down into while the lower 48 next land. He gets really call so. It's not a monster. It's not a storm won't with a with a nine M makes landfall. It's not that it's always up there but kind of swings down sometimes we get some and intense storms they got my iPad out this is that what they've actually what I used. A lot to. See what what what the maps are up but now when we do weather and on world news tonight or on. On Good Morning America also lets me you know decked by weather geeky stuff out of the it's you have to watch that this is this the upper level winds are. Or the heights in the blue means it's unusually low unusually cold in boom there comes a piece of that. Polar vortex of the Phillip make this kind of swinging through the northeast and that's will be get the really cold stuff and that's gonna happen. Again Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Friday morning we could see some of the coldest there. In some cases they had an a couple of years ago that's going to be impressive and maybe a shot your system as well so you know yeah some of the maps of Melissa Griffin is. Work in the once it's used in the weather department tonight. And TV's the graphics that she's she's built. Showing just what we kind of showed you and I'm war I TV friendly way some of these numbers refer Thursday morning. Minus nineteen its going to be the Winchell and in. Chicago and at its wings into the northeast and there you go. Boston minus sixteen M minus. Eight is going to be the wind chill. In New York City and then we're also gonna talk a little bit about. The Pineapple Express well missile life's dream that talks not only about the polar vortex. The Pineapple Express if those those points here I and thirty seconds worth of of world news tonight Pineapple Express is basically. Flow of atmospheric river at the upper allow that takes drop people's choice moisture and throws at a California and originates. Round about your whole life where they'd roll out of pineapples. So as we call Pineapple Express. All right gang. Still see my Bradley had a little piece of snow come from New York yes last night at and it pretty excited. We're not sure how much snow is going to come when the polar vortex in town often they come through dry but when that cold air is here there's always the chance of something up in the south. And developing it as something more and more what you would certainly go watch that all right. That's about all I got my amount is starting to freeze up and it will vortex add even swung down yet so it's time to sign up on. And it's FaceBook live segment and ABC news digital I'm rob Mars annals to you'd just few minutes. A world news tonight. At Grady.

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{"id":44153264,"title":"Deep Freeze Invades the Northeast ","duration":"4:52","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano reports from New York on the latest on the deep freeze.","url":"/WNT/video/deep-freeze-invades-northeast-44153264","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}