Deflategate Report: 'Brady Was Generally Aware'

NFL investigation reveals that star quarterback probably knew about letting air out of footballs before big game.
3:33 | 05/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deflategate Report: 'Brady Was Generally Aware'
To the other breaking headline tonight. That bombshell from the NFL. The super bowl champion patriots and deflategate. An investigation finding it, quote, probable, that those footballs were deliberately deflated. Also, that quarterback, Tom Brady, was, quote, generally aware of it. You'll remember Brady was asked after that playoff game, are you a cheater? Tonight, could there now be punishment on the way for the team and Brady himself? Here's ABC's Ryan smith. Reporter: Since leading his new England patriots to victory in the super bowl, quarterback Tom Brady has been on a social media charm offensive. Let's go! Reporter: Cliff diving with his family in Costa Rica. And posting these pictures last weekend. Hitting the Kentucky derby and mayweather/pacquiao fight in the same day. Tonight, he's playing defense. NFL investigators releasing a 243-page report into the deflategate scandal, saying Brady was general little aware of inappropriate activities surrounding taking the air out of game balls. Minutes before Brady took the field before that afc championship game with the Indianapolis colts, patriots employee Jim Mcnally reportedly carried the game day balls out of the officials locker room to a bathroom. 1:40 later, he brings them to the field. A breech of game day protocol. But perhaps most damning, according to the report, after Brady allegedly complained about game balls in October, Mcnally and equipment manage earl John Ja Strem ski discussed altering them to Brady's liking. The pair engaged in a string of texts. At one point, Jastremski talking about Brady. Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get it done. Later, Mcnally calling himself the deflator. Brady, who Rell fused to turn over his text messages to investigators, called Jastremski several times. Brady's dad saying of the report, "I don't have any doubt about my son's integrity. Not one bit." But these revelations, likely a hard hit to the star's credibility, who claimed he did nothing wrong. Is Tom Brady a cheater? I don't believe so. I mean, I feel like I've always played within the rules. I would never do anything to break the rules. Reporter: Here at NFL headquarters, the league is saying it is considering what stems to take, in light of this report that took 103 days to produce. The patriots owner says the time, effort and resources it took to reach this conclusion are incomprehensible. But no matter what happens, the damage to Tom Brady's reputation may be done. David? Ryan, thank you. Let's get right to ESPN football analyst Jesse palmer. Great to have you on the broadcast. As you know, our partners at ESPN reporting tonight that the NFL could be considering punishment here. What do you think is likely? The patriots aren't going to be stripped of their Lombardi trophy. The patriots could get fined as an organization. Remember, they got in trouble back in 2007 because of that spygate scandal. I could see Tom Brady might get fined personally and of course, the two people exchanging the text messages, I think they could potentially lose their jobs. You bring up Tom Brady and you told me, sitting here before, that this does nothing to tarnish his legacy, the talent on the field speaks for itself. One of the two greatest quarterbacks ever to play. If Tom Brady was the only person out there manipulating footballs, week in, week out, that might change my viewpoint, but David, every quarterback in the national football league who starts is aware of whether or not the footballs they play with are being tampered this. That doesn't change my opinion on Tom Brady at all. Jesse, thank you. Great to have you here.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"NFL investigation reveals that star quarterback probably knew about letting air out of footballs before big game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"30860728","title":"Deflategate Report: 'Brady Was Generally Aware'","url":"/WNT/video/deflategate-report-brady-generally-aware-30860728"}