Democrats release confidential emails at SCOTUS hearing

Lawmakers confronted Judge Brett Kavanaugh on abortion and a 2003 email about Roe v Wade that he'd written.
2:54 | 09/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democrats release confidential emails at SCOTUS hearing
Judge Kavanaugh given a chance today to ans a question first dihe ever diuss Robert Eller with laws for president? And has also asked about his own wor about a woman's right to choose in roes wa is it settled precedent or not? ABC's Terry morn the hearing room again tonight. Repor a fiery start to today' Save ro reporter:ut democrac senators joining the resistance amatic stand. Nator corybooker, apparently flouting senate rules by releg confidenal e-mails from jvanaugh's years inside the George w.ush whi house, one dealing with the issue O profiling post-9/11. I openly invind accept the consnces of myea elising that e-mail right now. Reporter: Boos democratwing to STD with nt me in. I want to art of Thi proc Counte in, too. Orter: Theemocrats facing possible expulsion for breakingenles. But Republicans later claiming was all jusw. E documenthad been leased oveigso, democrs turned T conting Kavanaugh on a 20 e-mail about roe V. , Where he wrote, "I am not sat all leg scholars refer to roe as the settled law of land at T suprcourt levesince court can always overrule its ec demos wt a hint he'd overrule roe? T was refeing to the views of legal scholars, and I Thi my comment in the e-mail stating the position of legal Reporter: It's a subject S hammered away last night, sena kamala hri Can you tgovernment tower to makdecisions out the ma body? Orter: Hars ING a cryptic question about the ia investition. Have yodiscussed Mueller or his investigation with anyone at fnded by rcitz, president trump's Al lawyer? Lly specif question. Like to know the person you're thinking of, because, what -- Hink you're thinf some and you don't want T tell us. Reporter: Today, kava trying to clarif I haven't had any inopriate coer about at investition with ve never G a hints, forecaseviews, er Moran B witus and the cttee will up wi J Kavanaugh tonight, but y'veen saying all his is an uphi fight for Democrat Reporter: Really is, David. Mecrats nee Republicans to block Kavanaugh, bu the's no sn of that. And, in fact, there verge Virginia said they see nothing in these heat would disqualify kavaugh.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Lawmakers confronted Judge Brett Kavanaugh on abortion and a 2003 email about Roe v Wade that he'd written.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57656642","title":"Democrats release confidential emails at SCOTUS hearing","url":"/WNT/video/democrats-release-confidential-emails-scotus-hearing-57656642"}