Dennis Rodman Back in North Korea

Irish Bookmaker Paddy Power sponsors trip for Rodman to visit with his pal Kim Jung-il.
2:00 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Dennis Rodman Back in North Korea
And now to north korea where tonight an unlikely and unofficial ambassador is on the ground again. Dennis rodman, a return visit to the secretive nation amid questions about whether he is trying to save a fell low american, a missionary. Abc's bob woodruff who has traveled no north korea five times for abc news has the very latest. Reporter: The flame buoyant basketball star is in north korea just to visit his friend, kim jong-un who he calls the marshall. See how the family is doing and revisit the country. Reporter: As we saw in february, the hoop star has a special connection with the north korea's leader, an av individual sports fan. If wonder if he's on a mission to win the freedom of kenneth bae, a 45-year-old missionary held prisoner for ten months. In may, rodman took to twitter and asked his new friend kim to do me a solid and cut kenneth bae loose. North korea is notoriously secretive and tightly controlled. Something I've seen firsthand. What did I tell you. Don't go there. Reporter: But rodman seemed to have bonded with kim jong-un. To show people around the world that americans can get along with north korea. Reporter: In the past americans trapped in north korea have been freed by the likes of bill clinton and jimmy carter. Now rodman? He says no. My main plan is not to be a diplomat but to be a friend of the marshall and of the country of north korea. Reporter: Still bae's son jonathan tells abc news he still has hope. North korea is a crazy place and anything is possible, he says, even dennis rodman rescuing my father. And next right here on "world news," we tackle the

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{"id":20148616,"title":"Dennis Rodman Back in North Korea","duration":"2:00","description":"Irish Bookmaker Paddy Power sponsors trip for Rodman to visit with his pal Kim Jung-il.","url":"/WNT/video/dennis-rodman-back-north-korea-20148616","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}