Derek Jeter's Final All Star Game

New ad shows some famous faces, even rivals, paying their respects.
1:36 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Derek Jeter's Final All Star Game
whether you're a yankees fan or not, you'll appreciate the video going viral honoring their captain. But tonight, what we didn't know about what we saw. Now batting for the yankees -- number 2. Reporter: For 20 years, yankees captain Derek Jeter, walking up to the plate with his trademark tip of the hat. In this tribute ad by Nike members of the red sox actually tipping their hats, too. Tonight his fans getting their chance, right down to the guy selling the beers. The famous faces, spike lee, Rudy Giuliani, even Billy crystal appearing in the ad. His family, his parents, sister and nephew. Shaking their heads, a couple of red sox fans. We learned their actors, but those faces they made came easily because they've been sox fans since they were kids. There's tiger woods, Michael Jordan in the ad, too. His teammates, the rest of the core four, right there in the corner booth honoring their captain. Tonight Derek Jeter on what it takes to be a good captain. In order to lead people, you have to get to know them and I've always tried to take the time to do that. Reporter: Believe it or not, they tell us the ad took four days to film and a little baseball tribute tonight, perhaps you noticed. It wasn't shot at the yankees stadium. Instead the home of the Staten island yankees. Tonight more than 2 million views and counting for the 20-year great who actually says he's not that great. He says it's something else. I wouldn't call myself great, no. The thing that I prided myself on in my career is consistency.

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{"id":24575914,"title":"Derek Jeter's Final All Star Game","duration":"1:36","description":"New ad shows some famous faces, even rivals, paying their respects.","url":"/WNT/video/derek-jeters-final-star-game-24575914","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}