Details About Alleged Terror Plot

Authorities say they intercepted a conversation suggesting the alleged terror plot may have involved beheading police officers.
2:15 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for Details About Alleged Terror Plot
Boston tonight and horrific details coming in about that alleged terror plot what the suspect might have been planning before he was taken down. The suspect running toward police when they shot him dead he had been under surveillance and now we learn what they heard him saying. Allegedly talking about this weapon and describing his plot during a cell phone call just hours before this all unfolded. They say he was close to trying to pull this off and was likely inspired by crisis and ABC's Tommy Thomas with the conversation. Intercept. Did tonight we're learning just how close you saw Maurice you that may have bid to attacking them be heading police officers here in Boston. Today in court 45 year old David Wright with teams nephew charged with conspiracy. The FBI says right aided Rahim who was killed by officers. Yesterday in this Boston parking lot. Raheem allegedly lunge at members of anti terror task force with this military style knife when they tried questioning him according to the criminal complaint Rahim told write about the night in a cellphone conversation. Allegedly saying. I just got myself a dice little tool. Good for carving right later telling Rahim something was like thinking with your head under chest as both men laughed a reference the FBI believes. To be hitting propaganda videos like the ones made by a crisis. The FBI tracking the men to what do you for seven. They see yesterday just two hours before he died Rahim called right telling him he was about to go after the boys in blue. Receives original plan was to head to new York and point Pamela Geller the organizer of that Mohammad drawing contest that took place in Texas. Ages listening on the wiretaps felt the threat was in wooded. One of breaking his Brothers did not want to comment today what yesterday another brother claimed Ricky was shot in the back while on a cell phone. In an effort to be transparent police showed surveillance video. Of regime's deadly confrontation to about two dozen civic and religious leaders the individual was not on the so called. This individual was not shot in a Barack. And David tonight we now know why agents considered where he armed and dangerous they say they intercepted a package sent to his home they actually X rated. And when they looked inside there was that military night. David Todd Thomas in Boston Tom banks.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Authorities say they intercepted a conversation suggesting the alleged terror plot may have involved beheading police officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31514833","title":"Details About Alleged Terror Plot","url":"/WNT/video/details-alleged-terror-plot-31514833"}