New details about Ohio man facing murder charges in Charlottesville

James Fields, who allegedly drove his car into crowd of peaceful marchers, made pro-Nazi comments, high school teacher says.
4:03 | 08/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details about Ohio man facing murder charges in Charlottesville
The aftermath of the brutal eruption of violence sparked by white nationalists. New video you see it here. The deadly car attack. The driver charged with murder. Accused of plowing his car in to a crowd of counter demonstrators. 20-year-old up James fields handcuffed at the scene. Police say he was marching with white supremacists earlier. The faces of the victims, the young paralegal in the path of the car. Two state troopers responding to the violence killed when the police helicopter went down. Just a few miles away. And late this afternoon, the man who started the rally chased from the news conference by protesters. ABC's Eva pilgrim starts us off from charlottesville. Reporter: Charlottesville under siege, frightening moments, a car mowing down a crowd of people protesting against a white nationalist rally in charlottesville. Tonight we're learning more about the man accused of driving that car, 20-year-old James fields. White sharia now! Reporter: Just before the attack, fields seen on video chanting a message of white power, marching with vanguard America, a known white supremacist group. Hours later, fields alleged carrying out his attack, witnesses watching in horror. The car came screaming down the street, and, uh, the driver gunned it into the crowd of people. It was pretty clear that the driver was intent on hitting 100, 200, 300 people. Reporter: Fields arrested shortly after, seen sitting in handcuffs. His mother saying she knew her son was driving from his home in northwest Ohio to Virginia for a rally. I didn't know it was white supremacist. I thought it had something to do with trump. Trump's not a supremacist, I mean, he had an African-American friend. Reporter: A former teacher now saying, even in high school fields made pro Nazi comments.h He -- well, he felt that whites were superior. He felt that the views that Adolf hitler espoused were correct in some way. Reporter: The group fields was marching with has a slogan, "Blood and soil." The idea, people with "White blood" have a special bond with "American soil," one of a number hate groups protesting the planned removal of a confederate statue. Tonight one of the organizers of the "Unite the right" March, speaking out criticizing the city for shutting down the rally Saturday morning. What happened yesterday was a result of the charlottesville police officers refusing to do their job! Reporter: The city on high alert as counter protestors surround the area, snipers on the rooftop, state police on guard. A man rushing in, a woman tackling Kessler, before he got up and ran away. The crowd chasing after him. You can see state police have fortunated a line here in riot gear to keep the crowd that was chasing Jason Kessler from getting to him. Reporter: Tonight the city remains in a state of emergency, police given powers to enforce a curfew if necessary to keep the peace. The governor defending his police force's response against what he called car terrorism. This was a great effort by the city, the state, our National Guard, the state police, our local enforcement, the FBI, the department of homeland security. Eva joins us live from charlottesville. Eva, a vigindividuvigil for tonight has been canceled? That's right, Tom. The vigil was cancelled a short time ago due to a credible threat. Fields is charged with second degree murder. Authorities are looking for his motive tonight. Authorities are also looking for a civil rights investigation. Tomorrow? Eva, thank you.

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{"id":49196473,"title":"New details about Ohio man facing murder charges in Charlottesville ","duration":"4:03","description":"James Fields, who allegedly drove his car into crowd of peaceful marchers, made pro-Nazi comments, high school teacher says.","url":"/WNT/video/details-ohio-man-facing-murder-charges-charlottesville-49196473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}