The Devastating Impact on Americans Because of the Government Shutdown

Millions affected by shutdown, including no pay, no after school programs and no mortgages.
4:52 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for The Devastating Impact on Americans Because of the Government Shutdown
As we come on the air you are looking live at the white house where right now behind those doors there is an all out push to bring the government shutdown to an end. Democrats and republicans summoned to meet with the president, a high stakes meeting. But on this date two of the shutdown all across this country americans are asking, what is this costing hard working families. Is it putting the country at risk? Abc's senior national correspondent jim avila leads us off tonight. Reporter: The shutdown is not just about bureaucrats and tourists. Today, the men in charge of the cia and nsa told congress 70 percent of america's intelligence analysts are on the beach, furloughed. I've been in the intelligence business for about 50 years. this. This seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and its citizens. Reporter: At fbi headquarters today, 50 percent of the staff ordered to stay home, making it more difficult to identify terrorist threats, across town at the fda, all scheduled inspections of foreign and domestic fish, fruit, vegetable and juice producers have been postponed. At the cdc, researchers are not tracking outbreaks of food poisoning. Less than a third of the cdc scientists are on the job. One official telling abc news, "it's mind blowing that our world renowned scientists can't look at their blackberries today.K%2m Reporter: Home buyers applying or waiting for fha backed mortgages are alr suffering. We're in this hotel for who knows how long. Reporter: In ft. Wayne, indiana, the reed family loan stuck in the pipeline, awaiting final approval from government employees not at work. Critical social programs such as wic which provides 9 million moms with money for infant formula and baby food have been deemed nonessential. How am I supposed to get the extra $200 a month. Reporter: Head start is shutting down across the country. In connecticut today there was no preschool program for this woman's twin sons. It's going to affect them in a big way as far as them not being able to be in school. Reporter: Trouble for military families, too. Cut rate stores on bases and posts have been closed. The civilian workers who run them sent home. Stop it, stop it. Reporter: Across the country frustration at those in congress shutting down the government to make a political point. Government shutdown is ridiculous. It's gop obstructionism in its purist form. It's a crime and I'm sure most of it is the tea party. YOU GUYS NEEDmAñz TO SIT DOWN, Earn am sent you to washington to do. Reporter: Plenty of disgust across the country. This is having a broad impact on the american economy. 1.6 billion a week being lost, $300 million a day and $12.5 million every hour lost due to project tift. Every hour, thank you. Jim. We want to know more of what you want to tell washington. Send us an instagram with the hashtag tell washington. As we return back to the drama inside the white house, a presidential huddle with congressional leaderséá parties. Anything accomplished? Jonathan karl with the latest on what he's hearing. Reporter: The president declared himself exasperated today and although he has summoned the congressional leaders here for a meeting, none of them arrived expecting a break through. Just a couple of hours before congressional leaders arrived here at the white house, the president sounded more frustrated than ever. Am I exasperated, absolutely I am because this is entirely unnecessary. Reporter: He said he's been the reasonable one. During the course of my presidency, I have bent over backwards to work with the republican party. Reporter: Now the white house says there is nothing to negotiate until the republicans agree to fund the government with no strings attached. We should not consider today's meeting a negotiations? Not in the sense that the president would make any demands on congress in return for their willingness to simply do their jobs. Reporter: It looks like the standoff could go on until OCTOBER 17th. That's when the government faces default if congress does not raise the so called debt ceiling. As for the estimate on the cost of the shutdown, if it goes all the way to august 17th it would add up to about $5 billion in lost productivity. That would be the least of it. We went to that point just a couple of weeks away we would be dealing with an economic catastrophe by the fault of the

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{"id":20452319,"title":"The Devastating Impact on Americans Because of the Government Shutdown","duration":"4:52","description":"Millions affected by shutdown, including no pay, no after school programs and no mortgages.","url":"/WNT/video/devastating-impact-americans-government-shutdown-20452319","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}