Donald Sterling Signs Over Control of LA Clippers to His Wife

Shelley Sterling to help facilitate the sale of the Clippers.
1:41 | 05/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Sterling Signs Over Control of LA Clippers to His Wife
The economy is better and the long winter means people are ready to spend some money. Now, to a surprise move from embattled clippers owner Donald sterling. He's giving the team to his wife, and she has a surprise of her own. Ryan smith has the story. Reporter: Billionaire los Angeles clippers owner Donald sterling, today signing over control of the team to his wife who is now in talks with the NBA to sell the franchise. Shelly sterling, a fixture at every clippers game since the scandal broke, hinted at this very solution in an interview with our Barbara Walters. Well, some say that there's possibility that he could legally transfer full ownership of the clippers to you. Is that something you would encourage? I would love to. Yes, I would love him to. Reporter: Earlier this week, the NBA launched formal proceedings to force Donald sterling to sell the team. Today they say that's still on track. But commissioner Adam silver has hinted he'd prefer a compromise. I'm sure if he wanted to sell the team on some reasonable timetable, I'd prefer he sell it than we go through this process. Reporter: And today basketball's top star saying it's very important that the issue be resolved soon. We don't want this lingering around our sport. So the quicker it gets done, the quicker we can move on. Reporter: Just last Friday, Donald sterling's lawyer was saying no punishment was warranted for his racist tirade. Today's move, quite an about-face. Perhaps the first step in pushing this saga to its

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Shelley Sterling to help facilitate the sale of the Clippers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23851034","title":"Donald Sterling Signs Over Control of LA Clippers to His Wife","url":"/WNT/video/donald-sterling-signs-control-la-clippers-wife-23851034"}